Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Done but not over yet


Its finally over..after six hours battling with time and backache and stress and trying to structured everything according to the right and proper sentence and mentioning relevant clauses and flipping through those Act given was not an easy peasy task..a friend said that 'there is no royal path to success'...

I came home and the kids were attended by their aunty, that was huge relieved...can't calm down either,..the brain still processing and calculating marks which until today the examiner have not seen the paper let alone giving markah kesian..!!

Lets just forget about it for awhile...

I can now start flipping other intersting books on the shelves : The Kite Runner


Hadif practising to draw a line..next step is line with tone using 4B pencil..Ohh I'm a dreamer..

Hadif enjoying mash potato and bun at KFC Alamanda..his fav word is 'jatuh'..so its all 'jatuh' that we hear everyday..



She have many friends here with fancy name, friends that she always remember especially Amanda, who always greet and wait for her, Nasha, who she think is a trend setter (she wants to wear what Nasha wear..serious..), Chomel, a shower room's freind, both became friends due to shower incident..both of them takut mandi shower..hehe...and Hakim..the one that bite her , not a best friend but his name is always on her lips...'akim gigit tangan..' ..poor child

She was late last week and I gave a roti jagung..

Chiwi dengan bag free yang Abah collect from Carrefour's counter...she kept on saying..'tak nak ambik gambar..'

Half eaten fav roti jagung..notice her smokey eye make-up..hahah..she applied some dark blusher below her eyes..sibuk je budak kecik ni..

Andddd...drama began when Amanda saw her..she came and greet her best friend, but her best friend with roti jagung thought that she wants to pau..so the chasing gamestarted..Sufiya ignored Amanda, and walk around these tables and chairs..and Amanda cried..poor thing, she thought that Sufiya tak nak kawan...sweet.

Kedekut..even with her Abah..bab makan susah nak tolerate...

Sufiya's artwork

Yellow Fish

Big Blue Bear

I'm hoping for a good news in Ramadhan..Insyallah..whatever it is , a back up plan will be laid out..En Haffis please think about my proposal..or can you sponsor my trip to India with Elin to get those material..?


Uncle Lee said...

Hello Sue, you just relax, get your batteries recharged.
I am sure you will not only exceed everyone's expectations, but yours too.

The World is waiting for you, best wishes, Lee.

sue said...

Hi Uncle lee,
i need Eveready batteries right now..woww..i don't know what to expect...the result will out in two months..that means after raya

The world is waiting..:-) i like it..
u have a great weekend too