Thursday, June 29, 2006


I'm not a big fan of any 'super'-man', man that could fly with his underwear outside from one tower to the other, or man that could transform his flat chest to a muscular and green body..but I do enjoy watching them..NO..I'm not going to give a review about the latest movie. I just wish that my hubby could be a superman.hehehe..

Minus the blue suit, I wish that he take extra care of his safety today while walking more than 15 feet down inside a tunnel in Bakun.
He will be inspecting one of the lifting equipment and other stuff, while writing this, he's still on the way to this site.

'Semoga semuanya selamat pergi dan balik"- from both of us in Putrajaya.

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Up and down

Precious things are hard to get, but when you have it in a hard way you know that it's going to be like a big great thing compared to other valuable things in life. Here I am enjoying this moment and at the same time worrying about what could happen if I make one silly mistake.

The last few days was a nightmare..I noticed there was a pink spot and realized that it might be something abnormal, I just pray that everything will be ok and hope that God will give me a chance to sail smoothly in this new journey.


On clear Sunday morning we went to the emergency ward, I was so nervous..Few minutes waiting before the triage session was like days waiting for uncertainty. I was called to the other department alone..Laying on hospital bed and thinking and praying..After brief diagnosed I was send to O&G ward upstairs on wheel chair, and I heard the nurse called hubby..

Another session of painless experience but for me it was horrible..I'm a bit coward when it comes to hospital equipments especially needles.

Changed to bright pink sarong and waiting for MO while I pray for the safety of my little one...I was shaking mainly because it was too cold and I'm too skinny. I imagine that it's going to be an unpleasant experience..And it was at first but the moment I saw the image on the screen all those uncomfortable feeling fade away..Still small but I could see the heart beating fast..Alhamdulillah. That was the best moment for the first time seeing someone inside you.

MO said that nothing to worry, it just a normal thing..Syukur. I was discharged after 45 minutes investigation..


Second antenatal checkup at a clinic, everything was fine except for my weight, I was supposed to gain around 0.5kg in one month in the first trimester, but I shocked to found out that I gained 1.0kg extra and the nurse mark it with red pen..I thought that I was underweight, so I keep on eating more carbo especially rice ,bread, thosai and noodles plus milk at night..hmm..Should take care of my food intake from now on. I thought that pregnant women should eat for two, but I was wrong, we should eat healthy food and gain proper weight.

I was smiling all the way to the office yesterday..

Thursday, June 22, 2006


I left a bit late for work today, rushing down and by the time at the lobby, I realised thtt I forgot my car hubby to pass the key and rush down again..lift stop at level 4, and there were one lady in her middle 20's with two small boys enter the lift(deep down inside I felt that she didn't care much about them, I don't know what it is but something is not right)..the lil brother look cheerful..thumping his leg and make faces..I just smile at these cheeky boy..he placed his right hand onto lift door and still playfully teasing his big bro..

The lift stop at level 1..and the lady still didn't care about that lil boy..lift door open and his hand were still there and stuck in between the panel and the door!!! He scream..and I shouted at her.."tangan tu..!!!"..she just quickly walk out and carry the crying boy..and the big brother was also panic.."kenapa kakak?"...I don't know whether she's a maid or their aunty, but one day if I met their parents I will surely report this.Not that I'm being kepoh but they need to know what is happening........or maybe the big bro has told their mom..

What if the worst thing happen? Only God knows..

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

..That L-shape room..

As a human being good sunny day, fresh breeze of air and a good view are essential things that enhance our life apart from other basic necessity. Imagine yourself in a room less than 70sqft, L-shape with one door and no window to enjoy outside view and no morning fresh scent..Can you put yourself in this situation? One need not to be a well educated or have any basic design knowledge to understand this..

But what if a person who have been in this business for more than 10 years and so called 'professional' and practicing architect as well as a principal with foreign training, with books around him all the time decide a design this kind of space????..A house is a space for people to live in..!!It is a habitable space, therefore it need to be pleasantly design, well ventilated and have ample lighting, complying to at least basic design standard and requirement and also authority requirement.

Some people are just stubborn or maybe they can't accept the fact that their idea is wrong..Even though you highlight and comment so many times..If he is just a freshie, I think that should be fine, maybe he's not sure due to lack of experience..But in this case; a principal who used to be a lecturer could design and trying so hard to defend his stupid and wrong idea..Even a dog house need a proper design..

Or is it just because that L-shape room is just for a maid and we think that she is just a worker who need to work all day and night..Double standard!!! His only judgement and statement is this: "they are supposed to be working, not sleeping.."..Maybe he should left his design table and his Lamy Pen..And stop talking s#*t about design principle..Go and do something else..And don't spoil the whole industry...

I'm not sad about our client's maid, but I'm sad because we have this kind of people who have a lot of money, went for oversea education, came back as a professional and practicing in this country and at the end making all the mess..And complaint too much about requirement, regulation, mindset, standard of everything..hampeh..

Even a homeless can define what is habitable space..........

Saturday, June 17, 2006


It is a good sunny saturday with blue sky and pleasant weather..not too hot but just good enough to start a weekend.Thank you fellow friends for the wish and tips.

I'm going to guide you into a journey of the other side of the world..and it's not going to be another piece on 'architecture', but something totally different. How many of us really know or understand about Mechanical Engineering or What does DOSH means (except people who are in this industry..)to some people including me, Mech.Engr is just a small scope or just electronic stuff and gadget and boring calculation. The whole perception changed when I first met my husband, through him i understand that it is more than just what i thought, it is a wider perspective and there are many branch and route compared to architecture (for example), you deal with building and interior design but of course you could divert into fine art or other major but that will take another years at uni to have a formal qualification.

I came to realised the reality of this when he joined DOSH (Dept.of Safety and Health) and it opened a window of opportunity to know more than what i perceived. If you are in Mechanical you can jump into building, oil and gas, lift and tower crane, UPV, hygeine and the list goes on..That means people who took Mech.Engr would have wider choice and better prospect after they graduate and no need to worry too much about economic slump. In my position right now, I'm concerned about current economic scenario because our industry are depending on financial condition and decision. If its rough time and the client think that they want to hold it until next year then i'm toast..!!Less work means the company will start looking for your mistakes and try to save their a^s by kicking you out...

Moral of the story is, let your children, niece, cousin, friends or whoever still searching for direction to try consider this's really interesting and challenging even though there are certain area that are quite risky.

I too had a sleepless night when hubby said that he's going for inspection..if its just a newly completed conventional building, then no problem..but if he were to go to risky and flammable or explosive or hazardous place..all I could do is pray for his safety. (Remember the explosion at Fatty Chemical, Butterworth early this year..? this is what makes me worry..& Plaza Damas incident?)

Maybe this not a perfect post for a great weekend..too serious kind of thing

Friday, June 16, 2006


Is it a mind game or is it a sign..this has made me worry for few days..i keep on dreaming of the same thing in a different plot..or is it because i'm too tired. What shall i do?

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Sunset: Putrajaya

Since i'm gonna spend the whole day at home today, i think i will indulged myself surfing and blogging..sampai muak!!

I'm very grateful to have a room with a view like this in Putrajaya, not only I could see hubby's office but more than concrete building, its the lovely sunset. I've post some photo few months ago, but these were took last month. I like the cloud formation, sometimes it turn into a funny form or character and it took just a few minutes to change into some other form.

I remember during my childhood time, laying on a wooden floor at my grandma's house with my feet on the window staring at the blue sky and lost myself in my own imagination..i imagined that the cloud will keep on changing to amused this little girl until she fall asleep..

note: Doa ketika memandang ke langit:"Allah jualah yang menciptakan langit dan buni, dan menurunkan hujan dari langit lalu mengeluarkan dengan air hujan itu buah-buahan untuk menjadi makanan bagi kamu; dan Ia yang memberi kemudahan kpd kamu menggunakan kapal-kapal utk belayar di laut dengan perintahNya, juga yang memudahkan sungai-sungai utk kamu (mengambil manfaat darinya). Dan Ia juga yang menjadikan matahari dan bulan sentiasa beredar, utk kepentingan kemudahan kamu, dan yang menjadikan malam dan siang bagi faedah hidup kamu" (Surah Ibrahim :14:32-33)

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Part of a new chapter

Life are full of surprises and sometimes just like a thick novel (not Mills and Boone)..first chapter might be a bit slow or boring, and the next one might be more thrilling when the plot thicken...the last few weeks has been a mix of everything..of course good news that by now everybody..almost i think..have heard of was a surreal moment for me, in between believing and trying to accept the unknown..Alhamdulillah.

The other chapter of the story is about my friend who are now in Mahkota Medical Centre, hospitalised for maybe three months with her wife- tragic accident on the 2nd June 2006, a car accident involving 5 cars somewhere heading to Melaka..they were badly injured, the husband broke his pelvis and the wife broke her was supposed to be a holiday treat for both of them but than turn out to be like this, wish they will get well soon..i heard from a friend that his Gen2 was damaged about 1/3..

These chapter is something new to me..a new beginning i might say, i always ended up with lack of sleep almost everyday, had a nightmare which i think is normal.. i'm not sure but did check in some books, which they said are normal because of anxiety, tiredness or maybe tak basuh kaki..hmmm, pantang tengok movie, CSI ke..pastu semua terbawa-bawa dalam tidur..and i tend to wake up around 4 am to p^^..memang macam ni eh..?..anyway i'm enjoying this new chapter of my life..Insyallah, hope it will be another 31 weeks of sweetness...

As for hubby, hahaa..his schedule has changed a lot to suit my time and condition, pi mai pi mai kat LDP (tol rm4 times 2) more tea at mamak's place after work and...he have to sacrifice a lot lately including his dragon boat practice and other outdoor stuff. Life change, love bloom..

Friday, June 09, 2006


Maybe this is how other people feel..or maybe i'm too homesick or too emotional or maybe too hungry..feel like crying...i wish i can have sambal tumis ikan masin (MIL Style) with tairu mix with onion and red chilli...

Sunday, June 04, 2006

+ v e

How to solve those two entry:

First entry: the title is : T E S T: NILE FAINT...what test that u have to perform and the result will appear either definite negative or positive..or sometimes depends on the levels of the substance..if its still very low than the result is a bit blur... N I L E = LINE, FAINT = FAINT----->line faint?....rearrange and u'll got this : FAINT LINE

Second entry: title : TRAVERAMA : travel related story : yes,but not really a trip as in travel and tour..a journey from nothing to something, 0-->1,
transition and evolution : slim-->chubby, skinny--->curvy, small--->big,
close at heart companion : something inside you that is located near your heart physically and emotionally..a small thing..
when the time come : dengan izin Allah (what i wish for has been granted..Alhamdulillah..)
'T O N E' = note, faded hue has been replaced by strong colour: answer-->return to first paragraph of this entry.

Thursday, June 01, 2006


This blog is supposed to be a travel related blog, but along the way the train off track..salah track atau salah stationmaster atau salah kapten..tapi takpe, life is a journey, everyday is a new episode with different experience, we travel from one point to another..from single to a lifetime commitment..transition and evolution.. everything has been well planned for us, it is a matter of time. When the time come, only then it will begin..

And the time has come for me to grab my bag and enjoy the journey..a memorable travel experience will be documented and share with the blogsphere..this time around i will have a close at heart companion.

T O N E : faded hue has been replaced by strong colour (ada orang tu <S**AH> kena crack her head again...)