Thursday, June 01, 2006


This blog is supposed to be a travel related blog, but along the way the train off track..salah track atau salah stationmaster atau salah kapten..tapi takpe, life is a journey, everyday is a new episode with different experience, we travel from one point to another..from single to a lifetime commitment..transition and evolution.. everything has been well planned for us, it is a matter of time. When the time come, only then it will begin..

And the time has come for me to grab my bag and enjoy the journey..a memorable travel experience will be documented and share with the blogsphere..this time around i will have a close at heart companion.

T O N E : faded hue has been replaced by strong colour (ada orang tu <S**AH> kena crack her head again...)


simah said...

tensionnya aku..........dia tak bagi jawapan..lepas tu nak pi travel pulak..ntah bila nak balik..(jangan pi ke langkawi sudah..kang ada yg kena keletek :0))

enjoy ur travel..i will ask hatice to solve the puzzle...she is good at it :0)

sue said...

my dear..this entry is also a puzzle for you to solve...previous and latest entry are interconnected..

amboii..nak suruh budak tu pening kepala jugak ke..?

simah said...

*transition n evolution*
*close at heart*
*nile faint*

Haticeeeeeeeeeeeee help ur mom out pleaseeeeeeee..

anne malas nak pikir...pening kepala dah..dah la anne tak reti main teka teki...

dah..i dah pass over kerja solve ur puzzle kat minah kecik tu :0)

how was ur trip?

sue said...