Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Up and down

Precious things are hard to get, but when you have it in a hard way you know that it's going to be like a big great thing compared to other valuable things in life. Here I am enjoying this moment and at the same time worrying about what could happen if I make one silly mistake.

The last few days was a nightmare..I noticed there was a pink spot and realized that it might be something abnormal, I just pray that everything will be ok and hope that God will give me a chance to sail smoothly in this new journey.


On clear Sunday morning we went to the emergency ward, I was so nervous..Few minutes waiting before the triage session was like days waiting for uncertainty. I was called to the other department alone..Laying on hospital bed and thinking and praying..After brief diagnosed I was send to O&G ward upstairs on wheel chair, and I heard the nurse called hubby..

Another session of painless experience but for me it was horrible..I'm a bit coward when it comes to hospital equipments especially needles.

Changed to bright pink sarong and waiting for MO while I pray for the safety of my little one...I was shaking mainly because it was too cold and I'm too skinny. I imagine that it's going to be an unpleasant experience..And it was at first but the moment I saw the image on the screen all those uncomfortable feeling fade away..Still small but I could see the heart beating fast..Alhamdulillah. That was the best moment for the first time seeing someone inside you.

MO said that nothing to worry, it just a normal thing..Syukur. I was discharged after 45 minutes investigation..


Second antenatal checkup at a clinic, everything was fine except for my weight, I was supposed to gain around 0.5kg in one month in the first trimester, but I shocked to found out that I gained 1.0kg extra and the nurse mark it with red pen..I thought that I was underweight, so I keep on eating more carbo especially rice ,bread, thosai and noodles plus milk at night..hmm..Should take care of my food intake from now on. I thought that pregnant women should eat for two, but I was wrong, we should eat healthy food and gain proper weight.

I was smiling all the way to the office yesterday..


Kak Teh said...

u are pregnant? u are pregnant? Congratulations..and take good care of yrself!

sue said...

kak teh..good to see you here again. thank you.

simah said...

take care..jangan jalan ganas ganas..no bumpy rides as well..esp not on public busses!! Glad the little one is fine.Alhamdulillah.. :0)

sue said...

dah tak ganas simah..tapi bumpy ride susah nak avoid, hari2 drive almost 2 hours, what to do..doa je la semoga tak ada apa2

anggerik merah said...

Traveler, you take good care of yr self. When I was pregnant, doctor gave me inhection of hormol every 2 weeks until end of trimester to ensure the feotus strong enough.

sue said...

Thanx, how's your Captain..?

the clinic only supply me folic acid & obimin, they said nothing to worry, so i hope that i will be stronger.

thewailer said...

lady traveler, I smile tooo :D
it warms me heart to read this post :D

sue said...

now i know the feeling of being a mother, it was such a wonderful sight :-)