Thursday, June 22, 2006


I left a bit late for work today, rushing down and by the time at the lobby, I realised thtt I forgot my car hubby to pass the key and rush down again..lift stop at level 4, and there were one lady in her middle 20's with two small boys enter the lift(deep down inside I felt that she didn't care much about them, I don't know what it is but something is not right)..the lil brother look cheerful..thumping his leg and make faces..I just smile at these cheeky boy..he placed his right hand onto lift door and still playfully teasing his big bro..

The lift stop at level 1..and the lady still didn't care about that lil boy..lift door open and his hand were still there and stuck in between the panel and the door!!! He scream..and I shouted at her.."tangan tu..!!!"..she just quickly walk out and carry the crying boy..and the big brother was also panic.."kenapa kakak?"...I don't know whether she's a maid or their aunty, but one day if I met their parents I will surely report this.Not that I'm being kepoh but they need to know what is happening........or maybe the big bro has told their mom..

What if the worst thing happen? Only God knows..


simah said...

accidents do happen tapi kalau disebabkan carelessness..tu lain kira la jugak

sue said...

the problem is, that boy is just infront of her..and she just stared blankly or dreaming..i pulak yg emotional masa tu :-(

simah said...

hehehe u kan pregnant..tak emotional tak cun la minah ..mengidam lagi tak? howz d baby punya development? still mcm sebiji kacang ka?

sue said...

tak mengidam sgt, i have my own way to overcome this by looking at pictures..i search for images kat internet- buah cermai, jeruk mcm2..

tak scan lagi la..this coming monday is my second check up..
skrg cepat mengantuk..selera makan ok je..