Thursday, June 29, 2006


I'm not a big fan of any 'super'-man', man that could fly with his underwear outside from one tower to the other, or man that could transform his flat chest to a muscular and green body..but I do enjoy watching them..NO..I'm not going to give a review about the latest movie. I just wish that my hubby could be a superman.hehehe..

Minus the blue suit, I wish that he take extra care of his safety today while walking more than 15 feet down inside a tunnel in Bakun.
He will be inspecting one of the lifting equipment and other stuff, while writing this, he's still on the way to this site.

'Semoga semuanya selamat pergi dan balik"- from both of us in Putrajaya.


simah said...

the same doa is joined by simah kat turki..selalu ker dia buat inspection mcm tu?

i dah baca email u..thanks for the pic..kejap lagi nak mlm ni baru i jawab email tu ok?..thanks for the pic...:0)

maklang said...

semuga semuanya ok ye traveler...and u too take care of yourself...

nak kepo sikit, gambar ape yang simah tengok tu? share2 ok tak?

sue said...

thank u, selalu jugak dia pi sebelum buat design approval, atau ada equipment baru masuk, atau bila ada accident kat site.

thanks, got ur reply

insyallah selamat hendaknya, hubby maklang pun selalu pi offshore kan, semua ada risk..

gambar apa??..identiti yg baru nak revealed :-)

Nong said...

Dear Trav,
My hubby travels a lot too. Walau pun kerja dekat atau pun jauh doakan supaya sentiasa dilindungi Allah.

Hope you and little one are going alright. Take care...

thewailer said...

I laughed tergolek2 reading that superman wears underwear on the outside!

Semoga your husband sentiasa dilindungi Allah :)

sue said...

dekat ke jauh sama je kan, i just found out that he actually went down 70m below..seram dengar..alhamdulillah dah selamat balik dengan ikan terubuk masin :-)

warna merah pulak tu..;-)