Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Part of a new chapter

Life are full of surprises and sometimes just like a thick novel (not Mills and Boone)..first chapter might be a bit slow or boring, and the next one might be more thrilling when the plot thicken...the last few weeks has been a mix of everything..of course good news that by now everybody..almost i think..have heard of it..it was a surreal moment for me, in between believing and trying to accept the unknown..Alhamdulillah.

The other chapter of the story is about my friend who are now in Mahkota Medical Centre, hospitalised for maybe three months with her wife- tragic accident on the 2nd June 2006, a car accident involving 5 cars somewhere heading to Melaka..they were badly injured, the husband broke his pelvis and the wife broke her femur..it was supposed to be a holiday treat for both of them but than turn out to be like this, wish they will get well soon..i heard from a friend that his Gen2 was damaged about 1/3..

These chapter is something new to me..a new beginning i might say, i always ended up with lack of sleep almost everyday, had a nightmare which i think is normal.. i'm not sure but did check in some books, which they said are normal because of anxiety, tiredness or maybe tak basuh kaki..hmmm, pantang tengok movie, CSI ke..pastu semua terbawa-bawa dalam tidur..and i tend to wake up around 4 am to p^^..memang macam ni eh..?..anyway i'm enjoying this new chapter of my life..Insyallah, hope it will be another 31 weeks of sweetness...

As for hubby, hahaa..his schedule has changed a lot to suit my time and condition, pi mai pi mai kat LDP (tol rm4 times 2)..no more tea at mamak's place after work and...he have to sacrifice a lot lately including his dragon boat practice and other outdoor stuff. Life change, love bloom..


simah said...

am so glad to hear..dont forget to take advantage of this condition :0)
ur hubby sacrificekan world cup dia tak??

sue said...

sacrifice by spending time watching world cup with me instead of with his friend..i don't mind at all coz nowadays, pukul 9pm i dah mengantuk..dah tak kisah if i miss any episode of Desperate Housewive, Lost or CSI..Janji dapat tidur yg cukup.

simah said...

mcm anak u ni anak perempuan jer...hmmm.. dah bincang pasal nama dah?

sue said...

belum bincang pasal nama, tak kisah boy or girl, i pun tak start shopping for baby and me..i pakai je dulu mana yg muat..ironically i bought my fav shoe a day before i knew that i'm pregnant..so kena cari kasut lain yg flat..;-)

i'll visit ur blog tomorrow..pc kat rumah slow, tak boleh access urs..nanti hang