Tuesday, April 28, 2009

3 in 1 Entry

Moving house is a tiring business even though it is not that far, just about one km from our previous one but the process of packing and unpacking and sorting which to bring and which goes to the dustbin makes us tired for a week, with a smaller storage area we now could let go the feeling of 'sayang nak buang'...so there goes old magazine, catalogues from PC Fair and Archidex to tong hijau and also samples of materials which by now are not available in the market.

Hadif was so adventerous..climbing and sitting comfortably inside the box and his sister beaming with a smile on our last day at our old house...photo taken few hours before we moved out.

Postcard from P16: view from living room towards his office and mine, we got the best view of sunset from here and the sky is always perfect for those who own DSLR camera to captured these scene..

I miss my red wall, it was supposed to be decorated with painting but from August 2004 until April 2009 the wall was just like that..it is a shear wall and hard to drill..

This house is not ready for any guest yet due to improper condition with curtain campur-campur and multi coloured.

Hadif without his shirt on trying to expose his six pack and Sufiya with her favourite denim hat, she loves the camera

They both enjoy being at this new place, especially Sufiya who has started making friends with our neighbour's son..she and her friend keep on throwing stones into the sump...that might be the best game right now


It's been quite sometime I have not post any entry on Interior Design, so here are photos from yesterday's visit to Bangsar, a high end showroom (above a car showroom)..

As usual, everything comes with a price, not just three figure tag but way damn expensive one, all equipment are imported from Germany and the designs are chic and clean and up to date and guess what, their chopping board is heavier than my dining table and it cost RM10,000 plus plus..I'm not kidding, and the fridge which have similar design that appeared in Mr and Mrs Smith are RM80,000.00...got money everything can marrr...

A sculpture-like-bowl here cost more than RM1000.00 , they are stainless steel and I think they should not left in kitchen but could be a centre piece in living room as well.

I've longed for this trip and finally today I had a chance to touch the intricate marble this jewel of Morocco..

Will update on this trip later... :-P

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

It's never to late..

We woke up a little bit late than usual, the room was still dark but I could hear a bird singing and our alarm clock keeping on shouting. I walked down the staircase and the smell of fried anchovies filled the living area, bibik has prepared Hadif's porridge.By then I realised that it was not 6.30am anymore and a bird with bright blue feather sitting on a small tree infront of the terrace, the green small hill nearby looks soothing in the morning, but I could not get a glimpse of any cow yet..maybe it's too early for feeding time :-P

Officially we have move into this house but there are still many things to settle and things to adjust and suit our life, I've had a chat with the neighbours but I wish that more people are moving in especially the row behind us, it's too sunyi sepi and that's not good, one house has been robbed last few weeks and that made we worry and I kept on mumbling about it and last few days hubby came home with few pad locks and a big one with motion or vibration sensor and at that point I realised that living in an apartment is much safer compared to landed where there are many access point and that means you have extra safety precaution to think of...sigh..but we have a parking and thats a good point, no more pusing dua tiga kali like before.

And the best part is we have a small piece of land to pour our love for gardening..even for En Haffis who never into those thing, he bought me a gloves- few pairs :-P... and I've planted heliconia, birds of paradise and a fan shape plant...and my little girl complete with her hat came joined me..

As for the Big Exam..I'm still struggling and trying to understand the whole thing and memorized anything possible..almost one month to go..

There are so many things going on and I need to settle them one by one..but can't take it at slow pace..need to catch up...

By the way Kak Naz, my bibik asked me this morning whether I called for her this morning at almost 6am, she said that confirmed it was my voice but when she walked out from her room at saw that it was still dark...but I told her not to worry coz she might be mamai at that time..luckily we have moved our white Ikea lamp that look like p*cong in the dark from the staircase, otherwise there will be headline - "bibik pengsan terlihat p*c*ng di rumah majikan".... :-P

Monday, April 13, 2009

Jangan Pandang Belakang

Wahhh wahh tajuk macam propa habis..no this is not a review of that movie which I will never watch, no matter what.

I've been away from the PC for more than a week due to many big things around me that came rolling and I have to juggle myself so that I don't crushed and stumbled..The biggest fear in our life is the uncertainty, we fear of what might happen when we don't really know the matter. But as human being, we still have to face it no matter what. We have to be brave and strong to cross the path, and that was what happend on the 3rd April 09. I braved myself to sit for a mock-up Oral examination and as expected..hancurr like a glass crashed on a big hard boulder. I was not really prepared but I still go for it because that was my biggest fear, so I just walked into the room like a 'life-target' for a M16 training field...(my interview was a guitarist for AC DSini)...I know that it's going to be like THAT..!!

It was a turning point for me to strategize my study plan..and I don't have to regret anything about not being able to join a study group or anything..in away, I do feel relieved because I managed to sit there infront of those interviewer and get some idea of the real situation that I will faced in less than two months from now.

Therefore, I told myself ..'Jangan pandang belakang'..just move forward and be positive...