Monday, April 13, 2009

Jangan Pandang Belakang

Wahhh wahh tajuk macam propa this is not a review of that movie which I will never watch, no matter what.

I've been away from the PC for more than a week due to many big things around me that came rolling and I have to juggle myself so that I don't crushed and stumbled..The biggest fear in our life is the uncertainty, we fear of what might happen when we don't really know the matter. But as human being, we still have to face it no matter what. We have to be brave and strong to cross the path, and that was what happend on the 3rd April 09. I braved myself to sit for a mock-up Oral examination and as expected..hancurr like a glass crashed on a big hard boulder. I was not really prepared but I still go for it because that was my biggest fear, so I just walked into the room like a 'life-target' for a M16 training field...(my interview was a guitarist for AC DSini)...I know that it's going to be like THAT..!!

It was a turning point for me to strategize my study plan..and I don't have to regret anything about not being able to join a study group or away, I do feel relieved because I managed to sit there infront of those interviewer and get some idea of the real situation that I will faced in less than two months from now.

Therefore, I told myself ..'Jangan pandang belakang'..just move forward and be positive...


Naz said...

Alaaaa...ingatkan post seram meram ;p
word veri:opoopp
hahah! macam tau tau :D

sue said...

Kak Naz,
ada post seram tapi tak berani nak tulih..nanti naaa

ehh..: my wv pulak - piranarr

Naz said...

I remember you wrote something about that a couple of weeks ago. Itu pasal lah bila tengok tajuk ni, i terus cepat cepat klik. Rupa rupanya tipah tertipu...hehe
The slide for Nadia, if you want to see, email me and I will give you the link.
Take care, Sis.

simah said...

yup sue... take a deep breathe and GO!! I am sure u can brave anything! hugs..take care...

wahh... ur angels dah besar betul...nampak sangat i dah lama tak jenguk blog u...

Nong said...

Menuntut ilmu itu sepanjang hayat. It's a life long learning and will never stop till we die.

sue said...

Kak Naz,
would appreciate if u could share her slide - here's my add:

i miss ur presence here, hope you are doing well, loves our kids custome party

Kak Nong,
indeed...tappi kdg2 tu api semangat tu macam suam-suam kuku di tengah jalan...kena tuang minyak gas sikit nii