Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Black or White

But, If
You're Thinkin' About My Baby
It Doesn't Matter If You're Black Or White

I Said If
You're Thinkin' Of
Being My Baby
It Doesn't Matter If You're Black Or White

(MJ Song..)

Kids could say or ask anything that come across their mind, they would say it bluntly. Sometimes whatever they says are cute..just like the 90's show kids say the darndest thing...but sometimes what they say could make us pause and think or even cry....

I know that one fine day she will ask this kind of questions base from her own perspective and surrounding, she did asked why Burberry campaign ad female model is black..? She's not satisfied with the question and she simply said that most girls are fair...'black tak cantik..'...
She even snobbishly said to our friend's son..'brown tak cantik' ..and just walked away ..dushh dushh to a big slap on my face !!..that poor guy just want to say goodbye to her and she refused with a style..

And last night, it broke my heart when she asked about her brother..'mama, kenapa hadif black..?'...


I told her that it was a gift from Him and that black is 'handsome' just like her abah, cacu, bhod abah,...and just hug him tightly..

I'm sure one day he'll be a dark, tall and handsome man...

Monday, July 25, 2011

Monumen Alaf Baru Putrajaya

Old cities are interesting and romantic because of the pattern of the streets, the facade treatment, small back alleys and multiple character. Putrajaya is less romantic because it did not develop slowly but it has been planned to be as what it is today...but still this is one of the comfort place to be...

Architecture is a testament of civilization, culture and time...and to appreciate the civilization, people built a landmark..a great building or tower or a monument.

Sunday was outing for this little girl...

And for her as well..we promise to bring them to have a splash at P16 swimming pool, but had to cancelled the plan due to unfinished house chores..

View towards Masjid Sultan Mizan aka masjid besi due to its design component.

This monument is located by Putrajaya lake adjacent to pasar tani..and every second week, on Saturday there are water activities like paddle boat as well as marketplace with stuff like handmade items and original paintings...

Journey to the tower..long and winding path..a symbolic path with stories of the nation development displayed on the glass panel

The sky is beautiful when the sun slowly setting down but unfortunately we did not bring a camera..:-)

Even though it did not have a charm like old cities could is still worth it for a family outing.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Messy Hair and Mind

My grandma always says that if our hair is messy that means our mind is in the same condition..semak perut katanya...

Mess in the house - physically it is build up, they have started their usual activities of throwing toys around, tearing papers (teacher at Smart Reader told me its fine if a kid tear a paper..good for their motor skill..but...)

And then there are other things that suddenly appeared and few will come that need a thorough evaluation and thought before making a BIG decision..a decision that will change many things...still confused of the option ..the paper is on the table now, black pen is on my side ....I have put on weightage on each section and evaluated them just like choosing a contractor for any project..but still could not derive any solution...I think this is how Howard Roark feels in Fountain Head...

When our mind is confused it reflects on our physical..until Hadif call me 'Kak Limah'...amboooiiii suka hati, mentang-mentang tengok citer Hantu Kak Limah Balik Rumah kat nursery... :-P

I'm very sure that I don't look like this...haiiyooo ....

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Still crawling

I'm still crawling...but by next week I will start brisk walkin..:-))

I have been working for two days now but still in a different mode, there few things that still need to be organized daily. Luckily at work we are not that busy compared to last year, so I have extra time to provide EBM and visit my little baby during lunch time.

Unfortunately for the elders who have to wake up earlier than before, that means they have to sit down for dinner earlier and sleep early than usual, no more Disney Junior till late night.

The little one did not have a problem every morning, she'll wake up at around six something and just sucks her mitten...that means she need to be fed..she did not cry and just wait and smile whenever we passed.

When we are young, our life is easy and free..and then there's marriage that change a little bit with few adjustment to life with a partner..and then we are three, four and counting..AND that means a lot more changes and adjustment that need to be done.

With not so original Hermes bag we add one more bag as accessories daily, a bag with new equipment, bottles, ice packs and such. I just bought a new set yesterday at Bangi..its MamiVac..I just found out that Moms Little Ones and has merged. I've been BF since Hadif was born and managed to BF him exclusive for six month, that means no formula just totally BF and Alhamdulillah I survived until 2 years before I pregnant for the thrid time. We save a lot during the first year because no more rushing to Carrefour to buy formula milk...BF is not about saving money but the most important is whats best for the baby.

For the last one week, we did not plan too many things, I used to planned a lot..sometimes it work but sometimes it turn out the other way..There are many things coming our way and more too come in drastic way..we are expecting the worst for now we just plan for daily basis...hope the news will gives us new adventure and hope that we were given guidance and protection where ever we are..

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Walking slowly...

Its been six days we are in first glance..the kitchen floor was 'superb' with thick dust and whatever I could imagine, there are signs of emptiness and 'kebujangan' for the last two and a half months.

Before we left for Putrajaya, we stopped by at Phoenix Trading at Church Street in Penang to get some stuff for the kids. Big sister was so excited with her new flash card since.

I have the time to prepare this just because I abandoned house chores...:-)) .. people always says that better let the expert do their job...sooo..

We hired part time cleaning service for RM160 for three visit to do the cleaning especially for heavy task, unfortunately after two days of shining floor tiles, Hadif mess it again as usual..and Big sister will said its okay if there make a mess, we can always call the cleaning people again..they think that money grows like 'pokok duit-duit' kott...hmmm kids nowadays..

As for the baby, I could say that she don't give much trouble so far, the problem is the sister and brother who treat her like a doll, pulling her leg, stuffing their fingers inside her mouth..and I hope that they won't do something extreme.

She'll be going to 'school' tomorrow at precinct 9, that means a big tour everyday all the way from our house. I haven't pack her bag yet, or labelled her stuff..and the worst part is I haven't prepared her EBM...its the production issue here..hopefully everything will be on pace and as planned.

Tomorrow will be my first day as well after three months holiday..if only they approved six months maternity leave..wishful thinking..

Thursday, July 07, 2011

New Episode

Its been almost two months since I last update or mumbling in this space. Some might said that maternity leave is a period of rejuvenating and such,it might be true only for the first month. By the second month I was already behind the wheel and few trip to Tesco.

If they allow six month maternity leave, I will be the first one to fill up the form, but by the third month I hope to work from home..ala SOHO...

Before 40 days or 44 days of traditional period of pantang, I already flipping thru SPM past year question on Engineering subject, just to warm up the little machine inside my head.

People said 'orang bersalin ada urat putus' in order to connect the urats and whatever I need something to stimulate my DHA or AHA will do wonders

I'll be leavng for Putrajaya soon..and there'lll more more challenges waiting for us..and for now, its the headache of finding a nursery for the little baby since the place that we booked has transfered babies to another precinct which is far from our place...

That is for a start I guess....