Sunday, July 17, 2011

Walking slowly...

Its been six days we are in first glance..the kitchen floor was 'superb' with thick dust and whatever I could imagine, there are signs of emptiness and 'kebujangan' for the last two and a half months.

Before we left for Putrajaya, we stopped by at Phoenix Trading at Church Street in Penang to get some stuff for the kids. Big sister was so excited with her new flash card since.

I have the time to prepare this just because I abandoned house chores...:-)) .. people always says that better let the expert do their job...sooo..

We hired part time cleaning service for RM160 for three visit to do the cleaning especially for heavy task, unfortunately after two days of shining floor tiles, Hadif mess it again as usual..and Big sister will said its okay if there make a mess, we can always call the cleaning people again..they think that money grows like 'pokok duit-duit' kott...hmmm kids nowadays..

As for the baby, I could say that she don't give much trouble so far, the problem is the sister and brother who treat her like a doll, pulling her leg, stuffing their fingers inside her mouth..and I hope that they won't do something extreme.

She'll be going to 'school' tomorrow at precinct 9, that means a big tour everyday all the way from our house. I haven't pack her bag yet, or labelled her stuff..and the worst part is I haven't prepared her EBM...its the production issue here..hopefully everything will be on pace and as planned.

Tomorrow will be my first day as well after three months holiday..if only they approved six months maternity leave..wishful thinking..


Anonymous said...

sufina comel!

sue said...

thank u..sufiya kat mcm diaa..