Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Still crawling

I'm still crawling...but by next week I will start brisk walkin..:-))

I have been working for two days now but still in a different mode, there few things that still need to be organized daily. Luckily at work we are not that busy compared to last year, so I have extra time to provide EBM and visit my little baby during lunch time.

Unfortunately for the elders who have to wake up earlier than before, that means they have to sit down for dinner earlier and sleep early than usual, no more Disney Junior till late night.

The little one did not have a problem every morning, she'll wake up at around six something and just sucks her mitten...that means she need to be fed..she did not cry and just wait and smile whenever we passed.

When we are young, our life is easy and free..and then there's marriage that change a little bit with few adjustment to life with a partner..and then we are three, four and counting..AND that means a lot more changes and adjustment that need to be done.

With not so original Hermes bag we add one more bag as accessories daily, a bag with new equipment, bottles, ice packs and such. I just bought a new set yesterday at Bangi..its MamiVac..I just found out that Moms Little Ones and has merged. I've been BF since Hadif was born and managed to BF him exclusive for six month, that means no formula just totally BF and Alhamdulillah I survived until 2 years before I pregnant for the thrid time. We save a lot during the first year because no more rushing to Carrefour to buy formula milk...BF is not about saving money but the most important is whats best for the baby.

For the last one week, we did not plan too many things, I used to planned a lot..sometimes it work but sometimes it turn out the other way..There are many things coming our way and more too come in drastic way..we are expecting the worst for now we just plan for daily basis...hope the news will gives us new adventure and hope that we were given guidance and protection where ever we are..

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