Monday, October 31, 2005

In Penang...

its good to be back in the island, nothing has change except for the ambience especially around market street..colourful saree and kurta are everywhere..everybody were rushing for tomorrow celebration..and this thursday will be another grand celebration..Eid Mubarak..
i went to masjid kapitan keling last nite (malam 27)..its was too crowded but i managed to squeezed in, one thing that strike me is the way they was too fast...compared to Masjid Putra in Putrajaya, it more calm...we had beriani with chicken after praying...that was a nice meal, eating with 5 people in one big plate..
Masjid Kapitan Keling is one of the landmark in Georgetown, Penang. it is significant among Indian Muslim community. Restoration and conservation has been done i think last 2 years...anyway last nite experience was something new and interesting...hopefully next year i have another chance....

Thursday, October 27, 2005

raya fever

its only 2 days to go before we left for alor setar, i can't wait to go back to my hometown where things are familiar, cheaper and traffic jam and not too crowded. we'll be leaving in the morning, so that i could break fast in alor setar.
few years ago when i was in UTM,Skudai, i used to go back by bus from JB- Alor Setar= 10 hours journey with two times stop for meal and was so tiring, the worst part is when i bought the ticket late...i always stuck with 'bas tambahan', its horrible experience with uncomfortable seat which we can't adjust and a curtain which have been wash for quite some time...
hope that we have a nice journey...Eid Mubarak to everybody....

Tuesday, October 25, 2005


Last week was gloomy period, not only the weather but the mood of the whole nation, Al-Fatihah to our Late First Lady, Datin Seri Endon who passed away on the 20th October 2005. Her journey to a next destination has started...

our life is all about traveling, from millions of sperm who have to travel and struggle to reach one destination into a wonderful life after nine long months in the darkness of womb. everybody are a traveler in their own way even though some might not have a chance to go outside their hometown, but still we have to travel...we change destination or purpose along the way..passing through different path, crossing too many confusing junction with signboard that sometimes lead us to nowhere...there are times that we are alone, some other time we have a great traveling companion, i remember sometimes last month watching Hans Christian Anderson, the Storyteller: one young man traveling with a companion who is actually a ghost who wants to pay back his kind heart,they travel together passing many villages, meeting interesting people who need their help..the journey end at a castle where they are looking for a princess who keep on emerging in his dream..
good companion will do us good, where else a bad one will lead us to destruction.... therefore we need to equipped ourselves no matter our travel is a short or long journey, "a traveler without knowledge is like birds without wing.." (somebody's quote)...
we travel everyday to work, to the mall, park..the road that we are using are the same, back and forth we pass by until someday we ignore certain things..we are no longer observance to our environment..coz we used to it...we didnt realise it until one day we feel like something is missing and the road most travel is getting boring.....
so the next time you travel, try to look at the same thing in a different way,.. that old tree at the junction is not just a big tree, and old coffee stall by the roadside isn't just a stall and people you see at the bus stand are not just waiting and leaving...slowly when you observed you will experience a new thing..try to make each journey as a memorable moment...but never drink and drive....

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

rainy day

5.15pm now and its heavy rain outside, its raining almost everyday this month,'musim tengkujuh' has started, when was a little girl my father always tell us that if its raining heavily in our hometown (Alor Setar) that means in East Cost it's worst especially Kelantan and Terengganu... everytime its raining i remember my childhood memory where we were very excited when the cloud turn grey and heard the sound of thunder, we normally sat at my grandma's verandah and just watch the water flow and if we are adventurous that day we will have a paper boat, made of A4 paper (normally from my exercise book) and fold it to make a boat, that place it on that flowing water...we always imagine that it is actually a small river with our paper boat struggling to maintain under the rain and heavy flow...but the best thing is when the rain started where we could smell earthy scent..and after the rain stop its very fresh grass smell..i like to touch flower and leaves where they look very fresh and especially a tiny dot of water on green leaves..i couldnt feel all these thing anymore unless if i stay in a village...

facade treatment

conservation and restoration in progress

Tuesday, October 18, 2005


i was flipping my old travel photo last nite when i realised how much i missed my student life, where u just study, read a lot, do research, finish up course work and travel wether on educational purpose or leisure....travelling as a student giving us a lot more space to explore and be of the best trip was in May 2001, where we went to Berlin, Brussels, Paris, Teheran and London in just 15days with only RM4000 per person..equalvalent to USD1052 at that time. the most romantic place for me is Paris with nice building, beautiful and friendly people and nice food. we stayed at a small backpackers inn near Montmart, even though the room is too small to accomodate 6 people but we really had a good time and who cares when u have something interesting waiting for u outside...we wait for sunset like everybody does at Montmart,we don't want to miss the spectacular view of Eiffel Tower at dawn. we waited for almost half an hour but still couldnt see the Tower until we realised that we at the wrong angle and spot...but at last we managed to get the rite spot, magnificient view....i like the street activities with people everywhere smilling and having a good time. they are painters who charge a reasonable rate and i like the smell of fresh brewed coffee..hmmm..i will definitely go there again.
Eiffel tower until now is still the most visited place in Paris, credit to Gustaf for his masterpiece...the best way to experience Paris is by climbing and spend time at the tower,with the wind blew and slap our romantic...

Monday, October 17, 2005

sweet things in life

we had a family reunion at my father in law house yesterday, preparation for dinner started from 9.30am until 6.30pm where i had to drive his mom all around Penang just to get a fresh meat. after she got the best portion we went to another market just to buy some fruits and vege, and the last destination was a small grocery shop nearby their house...i had a trouble finding the place due to lack of signage and information or direction from my co-pilot (his mom) my poor eye sight, i forgot to bring my additional viewing tools...
that was quite an important gathering coz we havent see each other for almost three months (which is quite a long period for people who use to go back and spend time with family..)

preparation for 20 people were really tiring especially during fasting, but that is the challenge...i had what i craved for yesterday which is just a simple delicacies of Penang - 'pasembor', we had been searching for places that sell something similar with Penang pasembor in KL, but most of the time the food end up half eaten...i remember when we were in India, their hospitality are a bit different. normally during lunch time they will serve bread first as starter, maybe 'capati', or 'roti canai', for first timer they might eat more than 2 pieces or until they are full without knowing that the main course will be serve. their main course consist of rice- which taste very light (its the way the cook), chicken curry, beef curry, vege, cucumber and tomato salad top with masala and salt and fish curry..its just curry and more curry...then come the appertizer: mixed fruit, yogurt in small clay cup, tea with fresh milk which also serve in a very small cup. one thing that i cant forgot are their confectionary which mainly made of milk and lots of sugar such as 'gulab jan', i dont know the rest but what i know is they are too sweet for their environment and local culture it is a big deal to serve a big amount and variety of sweet things to their guest.

Friday, October 14, 2005

monument of love

a masterpiece..

journey to the north

we are leaving for Penang today, hopefully its gonna be another exciting trip coz we are driving for more than 300km, for the last 1 year we rely to much on Air Asia (the cheapest anyway)..and time saving but now since the oil price has rised again, the airport tax just been added another almost RM 30/=...
driving towards northern side of the country are much more interesting due to the landscape, where we have mountains / hilly area especially in Perak after the tunnel..try passing the highway at 7 or 8 in the morning, you'll find that it's like walking with Frodo and Sam to return the 'precious' ring ..misty..

one of the other interesting natural element is the paddy field in Kedah, one should pass thru this state 4/5 time a year to see the changing colour from a kampung house which surrounded by water in the middle of paddy field - it looks like a small island, the next season is when it turn green, everywhere are green and then after few months all these green grass turn to golden precious asset...and the final season is the most remarkable because u can feel like in a different way..the smell of burning 'sekam padi', the best view is at sun set where we can see smoke everywhere with a perfect backdrop of Gunung Jerai...hmm..i wish i could captured all these moment. this traditional way of burning this wastage of paddy has causeda stir few years back where few accident has occured due to thick smoke..but for Kedahan they are used to no prob..


another view from the centre of the mosque..surreal


my hubby had to lay on the floor of this mosque the get
the most perfect composition of this dome. built as part of Taj Mahal complex using red sandstone.

our big family

family trip around Kolkata, this photo was taken infront of Victoria Hall, built during British colonization.

Qutub Minar

historical monument in New Delhi

grey eye

a boy in Kolkatta.. and more food

malaysia are synonym with food, everywhere u go there are many restaurant, food stall, vendor by the road with great food at high price..everything u crave for u just name it..western food are available at many price range so does the fast food chain, ..pasta, rissoto,apple pie, creme brule, steak, The Ronald guy(McD), the chicken from Kentucky, bean and tea leaves outlet are everywhere...and now the aftermath of Sept11, many MidEastern has been attracted to our country and this has spark another interested and add another element of eating. we have Lebanon food, Moroccon etc etc and list goes on..spoiled by choice..

when we mention about local food, there more than thousand delicacies to try out from Malay food which is spicy in Northern, sweet in Kelantan to Chinese food with lots of steam menu, Indian food which we all attached to no matter who we Nyonya food, the list are reflects the culture of the society, base on social study: - the best element to attract people are food, " food attract people which will attract more people" ..(The Social Life of small cities) . they way we cook, presentation, colour and smell are different and interesting, some might like it or some might hate it..

Thursday, October 13, 2005

reality - fantasy

imagne a big house with spiral staircase, beautiful and curvy girls with colourful saree or karisma dress dancing and all male figures are Salman Khan look alike with fancy kurta and shawl..dancing and smiling at a weeding..girl meet boys and they fall in love,but the family have their own choice..the lovebird fly their own way..typical rite..this is the fantasy...but India in my perspective is beyond reality!
Kolkata airport is nothing like our KLIA, it very humble similar to Kota Bahru airport.. it's so retro, from the building to the counter..everything but interesting sight.. i noticed one vendor machine for Coca-Cola in Bengali.. 'aisi'= ice, but were not allowed to take any photo..hmm
my brother in law and relative from Kolkata were already at the airport, waiting excitedly to meet up. one van with 10 people + 5 big luggage + cramp @ another attribute to local culture. there were too many roadblock along bumpy road which took us one hour to Chota Masjid village (in my own term)-- 'chota' means small..
that was a journey to remember, the first trip, the first sight, the first meeting...
this part of Kolkata are not fully develop where the are no proper town planning, poor road condition and no maintenance..but dont generalise or accept everything from me..
there are road which are wide but there rest are too narrow, with no road shoulder or pedestrian path..and the smell..hmm..imagine i have to cover my nose all the time.
according to my hubby, all the building has been extended until it became too pack and crowded..most of the building still have this grafitti- a symbol of communist (i dont what is term for that icon) and a symbol of human palm..can anybody explain?
we arrived at Bod Babu house at almost 12 o'clock and there were about 30 peolple waiting for us..everybody wants to have a glimpse of us..Hussin's son and daughter in law from Malaysia


our trip to Kolkata, India was a great experience..first time for me so there were too many things to explore, but before we left my hubby has gave me a pre-tour that i wont be dissapointed with what i see compared to what i perceived..we took MAS on the 21st August 2005, just the three of us including my brother in hubby's family were already there (the left a week early)..
we were the only Malaysian on board that nite, so the steward keep on coming to have a chat with was three hours journey, left at 11pm so ETA : 2am- Kol.time: 11pm..i really didnt expect much, i just wanna try new things and dont expect anything and dont ever dream of those Bollywood movie..

intricate design

sense of unity..taken in New Delhi at one of the historical monument- Qutub Minar. most of the building are well design with floral motive or holy scripts..just imagine the process from design stage to this beautiful piece..amazing
this photo take during our visit to India..meeting the other side of hubby's ancestor living in Calcutta