Wednesday, October 19, 2005

rainy day

5.15pm now and its heavy rain outside, its raining almost everyday this month,'musim tengkujuh' has started, when was a little girl my father always tell us that if its raining heavily in our hometown (Alor Setar) that means in East Cost it's worst especially Kelantan and Terengganu... everytime its raining i remember my childhood memory where we were very excited when the cloud turn grey and heard the sound of thunder, we normally sat at my grandma's verandah and just watch the water flow and if we are adventurous that day we will have a paper boat, made of A4 paper (normally from my exercise book) and fold it to make a boat, that place it on that flowing water...we always imagine that it is actually a small river with our paper boat struggling to maintain under the rain and heavy flow...but the best thing is when the rain started where we could smell earthy scent..and after the rain stop its very fresh grass smell..i like to touch flower and leaves where they look very fresh and especially a tiny dot of water on green leaves..i couldnt feel all these thing anymore unless if i stay in a village...


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sue said...

thank u, will update more on refreshing stories...