Tuesday, October 18, 2005


i was flipping my old travel photo last nite when i realised how much i missed my student life, where u just study, read a lot, do research, finish up course work and travel wether on educational purpose or leisure....travelling as a student giving us a lot more space to explore and be adventurous..one of the best trip was in May 2001, where we went to Berlin, Brussels, Paris, Teheran and London in just 15days with only RM4000 per person..equalvalent to USD1052 at that time. the most romantic place for me is Paris with nice building, beautiful and friendly people and nice food. we stayed at a small backpackers inn near Montmart, even though the room is too small to accomodate 6 people but we really had a good time and who cares when u have something interesting waiting for u outside...we wait for sunset like everybody does at Montmart,we don't want to miss the spectacular view of Eiffel Tower at dawn. we waited for almost half an hour but still couldnt see the Tower until we realised that we at the wrong angle and spot...but at last we managed to get the rite spot, magnificient view....i like the street activities with people everywhere smilling and having a good time. they are painters who charge a reasonable rate and i like the smell of fresh brewed coffee..hmmm..i will definitely go there again.
Eiffel tower until now is still the most visited place in Paris, credit to Gustaf for his masterpiece...the best way to experience Paris is by climbing and spend time at the tower,with the wind blew and slap our face..so romantic...

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