Monday, October 17, 2005

sweet things in life

we had a family reunion at my father in law house yesterday, preparation for dinner started from 9.30am until 6.30pm where i had to drive his mom all around Penang just to get a fresh meat. after she got the best portion we went to another market just to buy some fruits and vege, and the last destination was a small grocery shop nearby their house...i had a trouble finding the place due to lack of signage and information or direction from my co-pilot (his mom) my poor eye sight, i forgot to bring my additional viewing tools...
that was quite an important gathering coz we havent see each other for almost three months (which is quite a long period for people who use to go back and spend time with family..)

preparation for 20 people were really tiring especially during fasting, but that is the challenge...i had what i craved for yesterday which is just a simple delicacies of Penang - 'pasembor', we had been searching for places that sell something similar with Penang pasembor in KL, but most of the time the food end up half eaten...i remember when we were in India, their hospitality are a bit different. normally during lunch time they will serve bread first as starter, maybe 'capati', or 'roti canai', for first timer they might eat more than 2 pieces or until they are full without knowing that the main course will be serve. their main course consist of rice- which taste very light (its the way the cook), chicken curry, beef curry, vege, cucumber and tomato salad top with masala and salt and fish curry..its just curry and more curry...then come the appertizer: mixed fruit, yogurt in small clay cup, tea with fresh milk which also serve in a very small cup. one thing that i cant forgot are their confectionary which mainly made of milk and lots of sugar such as 'gulab jan', i dont know the rest but what i know is they are too sweet for their environment and local culture it is a big deal to serve a big amount and variety of sweet things to their guest.

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