Thursday, October 13, 2005

reality - fantasy

imagne a big house with spiral staircase, beautiful and curvy girls with colourful saree or karisma dress dancing and all male figures are Salman Khan look alike with fancy kurta and shawl..dancing and smiling at a weeding..girl meet boys and they fall in love,but the family have their own choice..the lovebird fly their own way..typical rite..this is the fantasy...but India in my perspective is beyond reality!
Kolkata airport is nothing like our KLIA, it very humble similar to Kota Bahru airport.. it's so retro, from the building to the counter..everything but interesting sight.. i noticed one vendor machine for Coca-Cola in Bengali.. 'aisi'= ice, but were not allowed to take any photo..hmm
my brother in law and relative from Kolkata were already at the airport, waiting excitedly to meet up. one van with 10 people + 5 big luggage + cramp @ another attribute to local culture. there were too many roadblock along bumpy road which took us one hour to Chota Masjid village (in my own term)-- 'chota' means small..
that was a journey to remember, the first trip, the first sight, the first meeting...
this part of Kolkata are not fully develop where the are no proper town planning, poor road condition and no maintenance..but dont generalise or accept everything from me..
there are road which are wide but there rest are too narrow, with no road shoulder or pedestrian path..and the smell..hmm..imagine i have to cover my nose all the time.
according to my hubby, all the building has been extended until it became too pack and crowded..most of the building still have this grafitti- a symbol of communist (i dont what is term for that icon) and a symbol of human palm..can anybody explain?
we arrived at Bod Babu house at almost 12 o'clock and there were about 30 peolple waiting for us..everybody wants to have a glimpse of us..Hussin's son and daughter in law from Malaysia

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