Friday, October 14, 2005 and more food

malaysia are synonym with food, everywhere u go there are many restaurant, food stall, vendor by the road with great food at high price..everything u crave for u just name it..western food are available at many price range so does the fast food chain, ..pasta, rissoto,apple pie, creme brule, steak, The Ronald guy(McD), the chicken from Kentucky, bean and tea leaves outlet are everywhere...and now the aftermath of Sept11, many MidEastern has been attracted to our country and this has spark another interested and add another element of eating. we have Lebanon food, Moroccon etc etc and list goes on..spoiled by choice..

when we mention about local food, there more than thousand delicacies to try out from Malay food which is spicy in Northern, sweet in Kelantan to Chinese food with lots of steam menu, Indian food which we all attached to no matter who we Nyonya food, the list are reflects the culture of the society, base on social study: - the best element to attract people are food, " food attract people which will attract more people" ..(The Social Life of small cities) . they way we cook, presentation, colour and smell are different and interesting, some might like it or some might hate it..

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