Friday, October 14, 2005

journey to the north

we are leaving for Penang today, hopefully its gonna be another exciting trip coz we are driving for more than 300km, for the last 1 year we rely to much on Air Asia (the cheapest anyway)..and time saving but now since the oil price has rised again, the airport tax just been added another almost RM 30/=...
driving towards northern side of the country are much more interesting due to the landscape, where we have mountains / hilly area especially in Perak after the tunnel..try passing the highway at 7 or 8 in the morning, you'll find that it's like walking with Frodo and Sam to return the 'precious' ring ..misty..

one of the other interesting natural element is the paddy field in Kedah, one should pass thru this state 4/5 time a year to see the changing colour from a kampung house which surrounded by water in the middle of paddy field - it looks like a small island, the next season is when it turn green, everywhere are green and then after few months all these green grass turn to golden precious asset...and the final season is the most remarkable because u can feel like in a different way..the smell of burning 'sekam padi', the best view is at sun set where we can see smoke everywhere with a perfect backdrop of Gunung Jerai...hmm..i wish i could captured all these moment. this traditional way of burning this wastage of paddy has causeda stir few years back where few accident has occured due to thick smoke..but for Kedahan they are used to no prob..

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