Friday, December 23, 2011

Friday Flashback

-How time flies, Sufina is already 7 months and we celebrated our 8th anniversary on the 20th Dec.

-How a small incident led to a changes in our lifestyle.

-How living apart is harder that I thought.

-How a power of mind can overshadow our body..headache, fever and the list will go on.

-How red my eye is right now..just like an apple

-How listening to Karen Carpenters is comforting...Close to you

Friday, December 09, 2011

In a flowing river

I'm just like a small fish swimming gently in a river that flows smoothly with dry leaves on it surface. Its a big river with crystal clear water with stones covered the riverbed , it was shady at some part of the bank and at some area the sun seems to seep through the leaves and branches and it was a beautiful day, just as simple as that.

Just as I thought that sun will always shine and that the river will always flow smoothly, fate has it own way..the river is not that straight anymore as I swim along, never expected that downstream is this dangerous with boulders and roots.

By then, I was just a small fish struggling to swim or sink or just let the water brought me to the wide open sea with so many possibilities. I realized that being a small fish in that kind of water is not that easy.It was not my habitat...

Since this fish left her calm river, she's trying to be an adaptable animal to suits a new environment with different things all together. The fight for survival is higher...This salt water is hard to swallow for a such small fish.

Or maybe like in any non fiction story, small fish could turn into a piranha...