Saturday, November 25, 2006

A journey not to be remembered

9th Nov 2006
Everything went smoothly, all documentation has been checked and approved and I was called to the boarding gate to check my document again. I only hope that today gonna better, get myself the best seat in the front row next to the window and infront of the main door.

This is it..I thought that everything will be as scheduled, but then I saw something that I hate to start my journey with, the ground crew were having difficulty to detached the stairs from the aircraft, they keep on pulling and struggling for about 15 minutes until some passenger noticed it and start jamming the area to give a piece of advice or opinion...And I just wish that they change the aircraft, maybe I'm not patient enough but I was not the only one, the co-pilot too came and try to fix it and keep on swearing and blaming the ground crew. They finally succeed but came another problem when the Lady in red had a difficulty to closed the door, it won't attached, she keep on pulling and again the co-pilot came to rescue. It was a bad start, I was nervous, there were so many 'what if....' in my head, too much watching aircrash investigation. I tried to cool down and not thinking too much about it and enjoy the view, the cloud formation, the sea and suddenly there was a 'pop' sound from the door, the lady in red who was sitting right infront of me was shocked and looking at me and immediately alarmed the cockpit.Both of them suddenly choosed to stand at the other corner and suddenly I felt a gush of wind on my feet, maybe it's just in my head, I don't know..imagination run wild, at that moment I just keep on praying and rubbing my tummy.

23rd Nov 2006
Before I left home I prayed for my safety and my little one, after the last I became a bit nervous and protective. Again at Penang Aiport the same scenario running around and filling up the form.
I was waiting and prayed that today's journey are much much better with no technical problem until I got a phone call saying that it was raining heavily outside and they were worry about me. I noticed the ground crew were busy preparing umbrella for us, don't they have other option in this kind of situation? We were allowed to board the plane after 10 minutes delay, I was the first passenger who walked with that red umbrella and the other hand carrying nasi tomato for hubby. It felt very far since we have to used the back door, I walked terhuyung-hayang struggling with the rough wind and at the same time tried not to trip on the stairs.
I choosed the same seat even though the last incident were still in my mind. I don't know what to expect but it wasn't a good start especially the take-off and landing, it as too rough and bumpy, is it because the pilot is not competent enough or the weather to blame on or the runway was uneven..? I told myself that I'm not going to fly with them again or other airline when I'm pregant

I have survived many rough and dangerous incident but was calm and composed, but when you are carrying another Life inside you,the feeling of caring and protecting are stronger and that was why I cried like a baby when I finally saw my hubby waiting to take me home safely.

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Now anyone can fly......except..

I'm supposed to be seeing the greenery of paddy field today but instead stranded here in Putrajaya and stuck infront of this slow pc again.I had a sleepless night, worry that I might miss my early flight back to Alor Setar,I kept waking up every hour checking the clock and finally arrived at LCCT at 6.00am with empty stomach, sleepy face and a small luggage. By the time theycall all passenger to line up I was eager to go to other side of the lane for elderly and pregnant women and not aware of the airline regulation.

I was asked about my pregnancy and when I mentioned that I'm 7 months (28 weeks), they refused to allow me to board the plane without any Letter from doctor saying that I'm fit to fly.........
My ante-natal checkup report stated that it's 30 weeks, but the hospital's is only 28, I have two due date, two checkup for one little baby.

This is an easy pregnancy but the Numbers makes me worry, based on LMP (which I never forget to jot down every month)it's supposed to be middle of January but based on hospital's record and scan the baby is due in February. Recent checkup the doctor write down that the size correspond to POG, which is in January instead of the date that he gave is in February. Everytime during ante-natal checkup, the nurse also have the same understanding whenever they read the hospital's report..
Am I the one who confused about all these medical terms and don't know how to interpret doctor's handwriting or is it technical error or even worst human error? I did my own calculcation based on hospital's date and the doctor's TCA, which I need to have another session of scan at 32 weeks, but the nurse gave another date which is totally different from what the doctor asked her to do, she put it 26th Dec which is 34 weeks instead of 32. When I checked with the hospital about the TCA, they changed again to 21st Nov, earlier but based on clinic's date.

To satisfied myself I managed to talk over the phone with the doctor, and he said it's ok whether its 32 or 34 weeks so I just have to come again on the 26th Dec.

But this morning I went again to the clinic to get that letter, the doctor said that it will be February and maybe the nurse didn't read it properly and she mentioned that I'm only 27 weeks today....If I knew that exact figure I will be happily enjoying my mom's lunch today coz at 27 weeks we can fly freely....

Another sleepless night in Putrajaya, little baby's journey need to be postponed

Saturday, November 04, 2006

Salam Aidilfitri

Eid Mubarak / Salam Aidilfitri / Selamat Hari Raya..The Big Day were celebrated with smile and tears, happiness and sadness mixed up, but the day started off bright and clear just like this lovely bunga raya
This year was a bit different with simple celebration and less menu but with big baju kurung to accomodate my expanding tummy :-O

What could be better to celebrate the day is the sky is clear and blue and the ground is green, Alhamdulillah we were given another chance this year to enjoy and appreciate this moment

Third day of Aidilfitri, and the mission need to bendang jugalah mereka, ditengah terik mentari terbongkok-bongkok mengubah semai..yang tua bekerja yang muda sibuk beraya, yang terpandang hanya dapat merakam.

whoever they are, we should be proud of them for their sacrifice, hardworking and every drop of their sweat

Orang ditengah bendang..tapi bukan 'orang-orang'

By this coming Aidiladha, the ground will change it's colour again and people will start fishing ikan puyu in the middle of the field and by that time I might be in different field struggling for the new year addition :-)