Saturday, June 17, 2006


It is a good sunny saturday with blue sky and pleasant weather..not too hot but just good enough to start a weekend.Thank you fellow friends for the wish and tips.

I'm going to guide you into a journey of the other side of the world..and it's not going to be another piece on 'architecture', but something totally different. How many of us really know or understand about Mechanical Engineering or What does DOSH means (except people who are in this industry..)to some people including me, Mech.Engr is just a small scope or just electronic stuff and gadget and boring calculation. The whole perception changed when I first met my husband, through him i understand that it is more than just what i thought, it is a wider perspective and there are many branch and route compared to architecture (for example), you deal with building and interior design but of course you could divert into fine art or other major but that will take another years at uni to have a formal qualification.

I came to realised the reality of this when he joined DOSH (Dept.of Safety and Health) and it opened a window of opportunity to know more than what i perceived. If you are in Mechanical you can jump into building, oil and gas, lift and tower crane, UPV, hygeine and the list goes on..That means people who took Mech.Engr would have wider choice and better prospect after they graduate and no need to worry too much about economic slump. In my position right now, I'm concerned about current economic scenario because our industry are depending on financial condition and decision. If its rough time and the client think that they want to hold it until next year then i'm toast..!!Less work means the company will start looking for your mistakes and try to save their a^s by kicking you out...

Moral of the story is, let your children, niece, cousin, friends or whoever still searching for direction to try consider this's really interesting and challenging even though there are certain area that are quite risky.

I too had a sleepless night when hubby said that he's going for inspection..if its just a newly completed conventional building, then no problem..but if he were to go to risky and flammable or explosive or hazardous place..all I could do is pray for his safety. (Remember the explosion at Fatty Chemical, Butterworth early this year..? this is what makes me worry..& Plaza Damas incident?)

Maybe this not a perfect post for a great weekend..too serious kind of thing


simah said...

this is ur blog..ur freedom to write what u want , right? have a nice weekend..with less worry hopefully :0)

sue said...

u r right..apasal tak boleh attached photo, been trying since yesterday..

no more worry, hope u have a nice weekend too

simah said...

syikin pon ada masalah nak attach gambaq..i tak dak pulak..selalunya ok ja..kekadang blogger ni kan gila sikit..sabar je la yek? ada la nternal problem somewhere kat blogger server tu..

Nong said...

Occupational hazard tu ada kat mana2 je tak kira kat mana kita kerja... Kita kena tawakal

Kerja dalam ofis pun tak tentu selamat. Take care...

sue said...

blogger ni pun kdg2 tak betul..

depan pc pun bahaya jugak kan..nak pulak kalau addicted to blogging..
kdg2 tu risau bila hubby pi inspect tower crane yg pernah ada kes..kena tawakal la kan.