Sunday, August 02, 2009


Gonna miss them so much.. will be away for few days..excited for this much needed break but miserable inside thinkin of these two little angels at home..especially Hadif..

Terengganu here I come...

(image: from google)

Reminder to myself: no shopping for batik..just window batik


Naz said...

cukup ke tempat nak beli windows tu?!!!

kak ja said...

Salam Sue, sori kja lambat balas ziarah..

Best gak kan seskali pi jln2 tak bawak anak? Part rindu tu, fhmlah.. tp kekdg kita kena gak take a break.. Kja tgh plan nak buat mcm tu bila Adik habis SPM nnt..

Uncle Lee said...

Hi Sue, ha ha, thats what you say, just look, no buying.
All women say that, my wife included.
Only yesterday we went to buy groceries, and passing a boutique, she spotted a dress, and the famous words, "ohhh, I just go have a look".

20 minutes later, she comes out grinning like a man seeing female neighbour forget close window while changing clothes..."Ohhh, there was a sale, from $75 now down to $40".

And? she had bought 2 dresses and 1 shawl!!
Holy Smoke! And to think we went to beli sayor and groceries!!!
Ahhhh, but while waiting for her I stood outside saw three breathtakingly beautiful women walking by in fitting clothes...heh heh heh..
You have a nice time in Trengganu...their batiks there are very beautiful, *wink*. Lee.

sue said...

Kak Naz,
penuh jugaklah keta mengigi brg2 yg kononnya window aje..

sue said...

Kak Ja,
seronok tapi rindu esp i ni still BF my hurts..rasa mcm nak balik cepat

oh yes..we should, after a hard day..a break would be nice

thanx for dropping by

sue said...

Uncle Lee,
we made a promised and broke it all the time especially when the big word S-A-L-E on display..that's why men don't like to company their wife on shopping spree

Oh so least you both got the best 'bargain'..she got a dress and u got a spectacular view :-P