Sunday, August 09, 2009

Terengganu : Part 1

We left for Terengganu at almost 1pm on Lebuhraya Pantai Timur (LPT), it was my first time crossing that route to the East Coast, but I think this route is safer than the other one..

Welcome to Terengganu Kite

I noticed many drivers here in Terengganu who dare driving topless..the male la..not female..and they just act driving dalam kampung.. :-P

Sunset at was a spectacular view with plants all around with exposed steel structure

We stopped for some light meal..and they charged us for almost RM50 just for some simple satah and otak-otak plus drinks..maybe the two CRV made an impression..:-P

Satah: made of fish..I don't really like the taste..

Otak-otak..different form Johor's otak-otak, this is made of chunky fish mixed with coconut and tumeric..My fav is Otak-otak Gelang Patah

Almost forty minutes at this stall and we ended up smells like walking satay with bau asap all over our body..

We reached Primula Beach Hotel at 8pm and can't spend much time to pampered ourselves coz the Big Boss already at the lobby waiting for us with his wife.

Primula's lobby ..a sculpture with turtles crawling on a spiral steel..a significant element of Terengganu..this piece reminds me of Raja Shahriman's sculpture..a well known local sculptor

We had nasi minyak and gulai kawah at a restaurant not far from the hotel but I could only give one star for the food and the service, the waitress don't even come to our table to take our order, she just sat at nearby table and we have to almost screamed at her to placed order..and again we walked out from that restaurant with the smell of smoke..nasib baik tak sempat mandi..

Night life in Kuala Terengganu is similar to Kota Bahru..nothing much, but they are having Fun Fair adjacent to Masjid Kristal.

It was sleepless in Terengganu..i miss my kids so much and thinking of Hadif make it worst, and Sufiya kept asking 'mana mama..?'...

------Second Day:-------

Technical Visit:

Many factors need to be considered at design stage, not only aesthetic and cost but also geological and human factor.

They simply said this is due to force majoure but there are many ways to overcome this problem..won't comment too much on this anyway..

Airport Terengganu; Part of airport's ceiling which were affected by the strong wind...

We were briefed on the construction of this stadium that made headlines months ago..

Mega structure with mega failure.. structure failure..? lack supervision..? a waste of money

The remnants of the stadium..looks like a sculpture or Daniel Libeskind's piece of work- 'Deconstruction'

--------Kedai Batik---------

Remember that I promised myself not buy any batik..??hahah..rezeki depan mata..iman yang lemah..RM dalam poket..apalagi..I bought few pieces of kain batik for family, kaftan (which I don't like wearing it before) and baju batik for hubby and me..just closed one eye..
Backyard factory..staircase leading to the shop..its hard to find this shop, it is located not far from Restoran Penyu (which we had lunch and still feel hungry due to small portion)..had to drive thru small lane dekat-dekat celah rumah orang to reach this place..

--------Taman Tamadun Islam, Terengganu---------

Taman Tamadun Islam, located next to the river and near to State Museum. The entrance fee is RM10 and it comes with RM3 meal voucher and a passport with TTI's info.

Masjid Kristal at Taman Tamadun Islam

We rode a buggy and the fee is only RM55 for seven passenger, a tour guide will explained about all monuments and we were allowed to stop by to take photos and for some significant monuments like Taj Mahal and Baitul Muqqadis, there are AV presentation and mini gallery.

The park closed at 7pm and we rushed back to the hotel and had to skip our plan to had ikan celup tepung by the time, otherwise Big Boss merajuk.

--------Third Day------

Panggilan Pulau - escapade : Perhentian Island

Jetty at be continued


Uncle Lee said...

Hi Sue, saya suka Trengganu. Used to go there very often old days, and stayed at Primula hotel.
And love the nasi dagang, ikan percik there.
Your gambars brings back memories.
You have fun and keep well, best regards, Lee.

sue said...

Hello Uncle Lee,
Primula is a nice hotel with a perfect view..and their swimming pool is picturesque especially in the morning with mist and the sound of waves complete the whole scene..