Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Terengganu : Part 2

----Pulau Perhentian - Awarna Perhentian Resort----

Smooth journey to the island..with turtle sunglasses bought at a kiosk in Alamanda- last minute shopping for the trip with hubby..he told me to just grab this RM15.OO thingy does help, for the photo not for the eye ;-P

View from our room, it is a spacious room with one single bed and one queen size bed, so we opted to dragged along another friend to stay with us,..the more the merrier

Pro swimmer, medium and learner in Awarna Perhentian Resort pool..splashing good time...the rest of the team were having a nap after lunch but the three of us take the opportunity to play around here before the snorkelling trip.

Most of the snorkelling area has lost its charm, the corals are dead...I did not see a clown fish at all compared to last trip here in 2004. This is the evidence of environmental pollution, corals are very fragile and they need specific requirement for their habitable space. Do you know that corals only grow about 1 inch a year..just imagine the destruction due human activity..that was one of the reason I choosed not to used flippers during that trip coz it might also affect the corals especially the one at shallow area.

I've seen a vast area of dead corals in Redang in 2005..somewhere at their marine park, and it was a scary sight...they looks like bones everywhere.

We come for the beauty of nature but at the same time we destroy it by our activities that are harmful to the environment, as a traveller one should always keep in mind that we should enjoy the serenity of fragile island and do our bit for the next generation.

During my last trip to Redang, I saw an extension project in progress at one of the prominent resort there, from the activities it was clearly destroying the sea, the beach and the corals. We can say that it was just a minor work and in controlled and well planned according to EIA requirement and so on, but the fact is no matter how small it is still affecting those small little things down there.


Awarna Perhentian Resort's pool - view from staircase

Blue water, lush greenery, white sandy beach and coconut trees...a perfect getaway..I wish that it is still the same by the time my kids able to come here with their friends and enjoy the beauty of nature like I did.

Waiting for the boat..and enjoying the view of clear blue sea..

Young guy behind the you can expect a lot of adrenalin rush and bumpy ride even though the sea was not rough at all..hampeh mamat ni..

----------Kuala Besut------------

Bougt some keropok Losong at this stall...these makcik thought that we were university students..hahahah...kembang2 hidung

------on the road--------
lembu-lembu di tengah padang ditemani bangau setia..

undisturbed green lung..we off the air cond and let the breezed touched our tanned and not so smooth skin :-P

Crossing a small bridge

My friend's lunch..nasi putih with otak lembu moo moo.. and burung puyuh..poor little bird ended up in her plate...

We stopped by at a friend's house in Pasir Puteh and tasted fresh durian, mangosteen, langsat,setoi and rambutan from his dusun..the fruit season is at its end now..

Look at the timber post..

Traditional Kelantan house..tarditional houses in Malaysia are differ based on lcation,geographical condition,cultural belief as well as influenced from neighbouring country. Kelantan house sits on a post that are only about 800mm high with a small verandah in front of the house where else Terengganu houses are much higher with dominent roof and detailing.

A timber house at Pasir Puteh, Kelantan..for is a nice village with traditional houses and orchard just next to their house. But most of them live not in a comfort habitable space.

Habitable space for human or corals are one essential thing that should not be taken is a symbiosis..we need each other..

It was a fruitful trip (with various fruits in the boot as well)..tiring but interesting...

I reached Putrajaya at 4am on Friday after almos 8 hours journey crossing Gua Musang, Kuala Kerai, Bukit Tujuh, Bentong, Lipis, Merapoh...and we have to over take many lorries and movers in pitch black night and it was not something that I would do again...better use more racing heart...

I will definitely come again to Terengganu with hubby but on different route..ingatlah orang yang tersayang..pandulah di jalan yang selamat..

Have a nice weekend everyone

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