Thursday, July 16, 2009

The week that was..

It's only 9 days before my written exam and yet I feel like there are so much things to revised. Seems like everyday just passed by like a breeze. I'll be away from the office starting this Monday until Friday to really (as if) focus on past year papers..our markas is still at the same place.

BUttttt..whatever it is I still take a break from books..our brain is just like a processor that need to be shut down for awhile..

-------------------Arl Powerbowl Alamanda--------------

Size 3 and 4...

No medal a picture of bowling balls will do

Participate in bowling tournament last week to socialize and built some muscle (post pregnancy had change the firmness of our bicep)..
It was just a moment to relax my mind from serious stuff so as expected main tak balik modal..


Went to KL again last week to review our result of trial examination..basically for paper one most of us passed but for paper two which is tougher, some need to study hard and smart , including me...Sifu commented that I gave too many mere assumptions..right answer but wrong justification..hmmm...maybe women think alike coz my best friend did the same..we loves to make an assumption in our daily lifes too, that is why women's are much more complicated than men..

Boys will always be boys...

Wan Nini with his monkey jump while Wan Norsha look like a Monk trying to dance..:-P

Nash and Shahrom joined the crowd for another attempt..these guys are way siang malam..

Mobb: I will only make lompat katak after the exam :)

This exam has changed our life so much, a lot of sacrificed has been made, kids has been abandoned for sometime, going to KL for study was like driving for short distance to Alamanda...better be once and for all....Insyallah

-----------------------------Haze------------------------- has been hazy since last week and the API index has reached a level that is worst each day. No more sunny day and clear blue more fresh morning breeze in Putrajaya...

View towards Parcel E, the buildings are covered with harmful particles

Roundabout near our house

-------------Handing Over & makan-makan-------------

Went to Presint 17 this morning for handing over of apartment project which has been delayed for quite some time. I should not comment on the design as it might go against code of ethics but the workmanship would make anybody annoyed. I hope they had really make good every defects.

My Big Bos who loves Hindi song

And..tadaa...manggis dan pulasan yang sangat fresh dari kebun mana tah...instead of typical dessert of watermelon and oranges they served this local fruits..


And life won't be colouful without these kids..

Happy kids : playing and measuring the steps..Sufiya with stress ball and Hadif with big eyes and wide smile

Sufiya missed her abah so much...hai orang Kuantan, cepat la balik..

Have a nice weekend everyone...


Anonymous said...

Mobb tulis ...

arghhhhh ... pressure pressure... Sue : aku jugak yg tak boleh lompat katak lagi .. adeh .. sadis :-)

sue said...

Mobb, ambik cepat...nanti kp pulak boleh lompat kijang tinggi2