Monday, January 17, 2011

Outing :Putrajaya Wetland and JJ

Sufiya wakes up everyday and ask me of what day is today..she's expecting its always Sunday..and I wish for the same thing too :-))

This weekend is a bit different now because they have no one to interrupt anymore :-) ..She told me that ..'Abg Qayyum muka mcm sedih je..Abg Farooqi muka happy.." :-)) observation...

Taman Wetland Putrajaya, I like the well kept landscape here and there is one big open field call Padang Semarak and perfect for kite flying. And their public facilities like camping ground,toilets and wakaf are well designed and so ergonomic.Even my child knows how to complaint about design nowadays.

They ran around and sing their current favourite song.."mama ,papa bolo bolo.."

A group of uncivilised people..they came, they collected pebbles..and they thrown those pebbles to the white swans...annndd they seems so happy with what they did..!!

Later that day we went to IOI Mall Puchong and they had a chance again while I went shopping stuffs for 2 and a half kids :-)

It was a tiring day for me at this stage..walking and screaming..

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