Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Progress and milestone

Alhamdulillah we just received a good news from Penang that our niece is now no longer staying at NICU, things will be better soon, only God knows how we feel.


On a lighter note: Hadif just moved forward to another level..yea!!..dah meniarap today on his own..rolled and rolled..and finally he did it, Sufiya and I were over excited rushing to get my handphone to captured those memorable moment :-)

The excitement is still the same even though this is the second one

We are always talking to Sufiya and teaching her all family member's far she could says 'dada, dadi but sometimes dida, shhhaad (irshad), min (syamim) and lah for farehah..and yesterday when I asked her where's Farehah?

she said : 'akit = sakit, with her hand on her tummy'..I gave her a big hug.

She understand a little bit now of what's going on around her


oldtown~Smell the Roses said...

Alaa commelllnya Sufiya!What a clever girl!
Hadif, "Selamat Meng'explore'"

sue said...

dah pandai macam-macam, hari2 nak make-up before pegi nursery..sabar je lah..

Hadif tengah belajar kenal environment rumah ni..