Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Fatty Chemical Methanol Tank Explosion

Methanol tank exploded killing two workers and two badly injured at Fatty Chemical(M) Sdn Bhd factory in Prai this morning around 11.00am. During the explosion the factory was shut down for maintenance work which is under a contractor: San-Q.It is believed that workers were doing some weilding work near methanol tank. According to one source, the body of the victim was found at level four of the factory, it show how strong the explosion was. One of methanol tank tank has exploded and it caused the cover/ lit to be thrown away to the other tank.
For info, here are some definitions of Methanol as extracted from few sources:-
Methanol (methyl alcohol). An alcohol used as a raw material in a wide range of industrial and chemical processes.

Methyl alcohol. Wood alcohol. The simplest alcohol. Methanol is water soluble and has a flash point of 54°F and explosive limits of 6% to 36.5%.

A colorless alcohol that is very toxic and extremely flammable. It is used to produce a number of products including MTBE, fuels, and solvents.

The source of explosion as reported is still under investigation held by DOSH (Department of Safety and Health). It looks like DOSH are in spotlight since last year after too many accident happen at workplace. In Fatty Chemical incident, it is quite a surprise for a company who have a good track record on safety and health. (This is just a brief info- do not consider this as a good reference, for further detail, please wait for DOSH Investigation report),or maybe the ministry will ask CIDB to investigate as what happen in Hartamas.
Maybe there are other things that people overlook or maybe it's just their time... Sometimes things happen the way it should be even though we have consider all safety requirements or comply to any law, but it is fate that will make a different.

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