Sunday, February 05, 2006

Trip to Penang and Kedah...part3

Majalah Wanita December 1976:

while helping wan sorting and removing all furniture and books, i discovered this 30years old magazine published in December 1976 underneath many old and dusty books and's interesting to see how things has develop from plain graphic and low quality printing to glossy and better quality cover with more refreshing subject that era, traditional value were still important and people were proud of it and it shows clearly on this cover.

one of competition segment

during school time, we always make fun and laugh out loud looking at this kind of column in a magazine, especially the haircut with big bun infront. haircut as well as fashion were influenced by a lot of forces, i think the worst fashion era was in the 80's where people go for big hair (Cindy Lauper..) and colourful and vibrant outfit. during those time with less communication technology, people depends on printed media to express, seek information and looking for new friends and life partner.there were times pen-pal was a big thing, everybody at school will keep on comparing who got the most. unlike in this era of technology we are no longer need to send our photo which will only be published after two months.books and magazine are the best documentation item, where it will be a reference in the future and at the same time as a valueble artefact.


pyerudz said...

what a classic newspaper you have there bro. lama habis!
cool photoshoots.

sue said...

i dreamed to be an archeologist, always imagine that i will explore the jungle looking for artefact..i've been collecting old stuff which might look nothing to other people since i was in primary school..;-)