Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Behind a happy eyes..

Last week my friend from Utm and I went to visit our former housemate who just gave birth to a lovely baby girl. It was a hot Saturday afternoon and driving under the hot sun was not a pleasant journey plus the jam which create more chaos in my head.We finally arrived at her mom's place, and there she was waiting for us with her baby on her arm. The house still look the same as I went almost a year ago, the only addition is the cute baby, while her father is outstation. It was almost like a mini gathering for us, I used to be her room mate but I don't really know her much until her wedding day. Only on that big day I knew who she is and what made her to be the way she used to be. She has gone through many obstacles in life, study, financial and social I was so ignorance at those time, I couldn't see the reality right infront of my eyes. It took me almost 2 years to discover the truth, the sadness and the struggle behind that happy cheerful face. And last Saturday I heard another sad story of her; since the husband wasn't around, there are no one that she could rely on except for her parents, until today she have to go to a clinic by a bicycle, just imagine how a woman who've went thru 9 months carrying a big tummy and hours of labor pain have to suffer another episode of challenge. The nearest clinic is few km from her house and the house itself is quite isolated. How would it be if there's an emergency or the baby sick?..All they have is just an old bicycle, but how could we depends on that alone...From her face we know that there are many things crossing her mind, thinking about her baby, her parents, her husband and at the same time about moving to another state following her husband. It is like keep on coming, one after another, my only hope is she will be strong enough to face all this. Just how lucky we are staying in a comfortable house with decent car to take us anywhere while at the other corner of the world there are a lot of people who suffer and only God knows. May peace be upon us.

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