Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Civil servant and birocracy

I was called again today to brief about the project which is still pending approval due to political issue. I have tried my best to get things done accordingly but as usual this is Malaysia, the system is totally different, we are no longer been served by the civil servant. Sometimes we have to treat them like they are above everything, most of them are getting too demanding while their service are still at below public satisfaction. Just imagine to get a letter out will take them almost two weeks, let alone getting it signed, which definitely will take another week or months. Too much birocracy lead to inefficient service that will lead to slow development. I fully understand their work system and heirarchy but they as a body who serve the public should have the awareness to improve and be better each day. everybody in the not everybody actually but most of them have personal interest, when we have this kind of attitude we will tend to mould things to suit our own need rather than standard requirement or By-Laws. it is really frustating going up and down MPSJ almost everyday just to get a piece of paper of approval, they are just buying time...this scenario happened due to developer's greed and people inside that particular body who are looking in a different perspective on how this project could benefit them. 'kawtim' is the most terrible word not only in contruction industry but in many fields in Malaysia. People have been shadowed by money,they were thought that money could buy you everything even dignity. It's hard to change the system where the big player has started these tradition or giving money and gift, we are just a small fish in small pond who are looking for some algae....chain reaction..

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