Friday, February 24, 2006

5 % Work

Maybe because it's Friday, maybe the flu and the headache..Or maybe I'm just being lazy today. I only received one phone call from site office, one SMS and faxed one item to the COW. How boring it is today when we are used to a hectic life with many things to complete and datelines to meet, and suddenly the environment changed. This is dangerous; no work means no productivity and this will lead to nothing. I should have complete a submission drawing for Bukit Tinggi but then still waiting for that one more item to add in. Everything are sailing slowly, slow progress means slow payment..This is not good for me.
I thought that since I have ample time for 'me' time, I could read some books on 'Project Management' or 'Contract' but then I don't have the motivation, flipping few pages then I get bored. I know that I should prepare myself now, sharpen my skill, gain more knowledge and experience and read more books, attend seminar and keep up to date with latest technology at the same time...fuhhh...That's quite a long list..There is no easy way to be successful, the journey is far way too long for me..Or maybe there is a shortcut that I have not trace.. I would give myself another two years to complete my log book and sit for the Part 3 exam (actually I haven't fill up anything..)Hopefully by then I have equipped myself to take on the next challenge but with this 5% work how far can I go...?

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