Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Stuck at menara summit

Tomorrow will be my 2 years anniversary working with this company, after so much hardwork,sacrifice,complaint, heart broken and argument, I'm still standing here..or maybe I should say stuck..! Yeah..Maybe right, I'm stuck with the same type of project-resort and resort again from 1997 until now, it's not that I don't like resort architecture, it's just too much for me.i need to move on, develop my skill, be more creative, dealing with more challenging design technology and constraint. to make things worst is the client who keep on chasing us to finish up all the :-(!@#@# drawing in a very short time but ended up throwing everything away and start all over again from scratch..They said they have the budget, then they said the management wants something 'cheap but nice'..Where got..?We can't comprise on quality and aesthetic value.its a relieve when last month these development has been handed over to another guy, but I'm still involved with the rest of the masterplan..Well I'm just an employee, if that is what been given, I have to deliver my job..Sigh..
another commercial complex which I took over last few months are not moving at the moment, that is why I have so much time for blogging and blog hopping ;-)
this is another headache, I don't know why I always have to deal with sick project. But this one is very political, where too many people have personal interest and this is what make my job harder, I have to juggle things at the office and at the same time need to tackle all political issue wisely and fast..gaji tak nak banyak pun....The boss expect me to 'visit' MPSJ everyday, he said "once a week is not enough! U have to go everyday, belanja them drinks, get to know the officer..bla bla..macam boleh claim..
anyway enough of complaining, life goes on, tomorrow might be better..I will do my best and at the same time looking forward for a better chance..

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