Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Kindness, Belly and Teething.....

People said that Malaysians are kind and gentle people ....? not so true when it comes to public transport, they revealed their true colour..so kiasu..even when they see a pregnant lady, one of our staff were on leave for a week, she travel everyday by bus all the way from Selayang to Putrajaya, and nobody seems to care even her tummy is so visible, so big to understand her burden..they just ignore and try not to look at her or at least understand her burden..until she almost fell and suffer a sprain ankle...gerammmm betul..so folks if u happen to see any pregnant women please offer 'em ur seat, u'll get what u give...!!!

Hubby just called from Emergency unit (Hospital Putrajaya)..one of his friend were having breathing difficulty after heaving a hearty meal of ayam kampung..i noticed many of his friend are having the same problem..they are still young, but having this common health issue, especially with their big and protuding belly, lack of exercise...and too much 'good- free -food'..(i know u gonna read this.... :-)
And yess...finally our little girl is going to have a chance to enjoy more and more finger food as her teeth has emerged..but it started out with the upper one...some said if the upper part came first, than she'll be something like 'cakap tinggi', and its vice versa....i don't know...hope not..


Anonymous said...

Salam Sue,

from mamafiza's ni.

Yup, I agree. People can buat tak tau je and ignore org yg kurang upaya - pregnant mamas, orang tua. Takkan la tak rasa bersalah dalam hati tu ye tak?

U take care!

sue said...

welcome...memang betul, boleh pulak buat2 tak nampak, kalau Tuhan balas balik bau diorg tau..kebetulan last two nite kat 360 at tv3 ada tunjuk topik yg sama, same kes..si teh syuhada berlakon jd pregnant lady, sape pun tak kasi seat...kiasu betul