Thursday, March 17, 2011

Full Blood Count

Each pregnancy is a unique experience, first time experience was a smooth journey especially when I had the opportunity to just stay at home starting from second trimester (read: quit my job :)..It was all me and my growing tummy, cakes, chocolate, ice cream and beriani gam...

Second one was accidental pregnancy like most of us had....still it was smooth right from the start, no morning sickness..

This third pregnancy is a well planned but conceived at the moment of chaos at workplace, but still I was given strength and courage to travel from the beginning until seven months plus. But with previous experience and fatigue and biological condition, this journey is a little bit different.

There are too many facts and figures written with red pen in my up and the next month one down..and it won't go up again..

Its been like four months that by hb is low..its border line even though I consumed double hematinic each day, eat bayam putih bayam merah, but I don't go kerang and organ I have to depends on other source...

And at next appoinment, I'll be doing this FBC thing..full blood count test..hopefully no major problem and hope by that time my hb level will be at least 11.0g..

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