Friday, March 18, 2011

Ghost in High Court

I'm not a big fan of ghost story, Ann Rice and such but I love Tamar Jalis's Bercakap Dengan Jin, it was a great book during rainy night with heavy rain pouring on our atap zink.

Lately I have not watch horror or any movie from that genre except for Hantu Kak Limah, which is very entertaining (and don't compare that movie with any Korean movie)


I received a phone call today about our project in JB,...they told me that there's a news about this office in many newspaper and online..I thought that its going to be like any other project because since last week we have been bombarded with many problems on site..

So I checked Yahoo Malaysia News and found out that it was reported that paranormal activities occurred there

That building was built in the 90's and that particular floor was not occuppied for more than ten you can imagine who and what lives there with a nice view towards Singapore..:-))

After one of my site visit there, I came back to Putrajaya and noticed a big mark on my thigh..I believed that I did not hit anything ...:-)

Luckily during four months of construction period, we did not 'see' or 'hear' anything but the toilet is kind of spooky as well as their corner office..

Hope they will do something about it..:-)


Anonymous said...

su, refer to youtube video of ust kazim elias on digigit jin....

sue said...

thanx..will check it out