Friday, January 02, 2009

New Year 2009

New chapter...but same author, who try to write a better stories from her own experience and from her own perspective. Sometimes she mumble and write rubbish and nonsense with grammatical and many typo error but she will keep on writing for her own satisfaction.

Her new book need to be thicker this year because like a growing tree, new branches are coming out, green leaves sprouting and flowers are bloomming....but the roots need to be firm on ground.

She did not intend to be Shakespeare or Anais Nin....her writing is a reflection of her life and other's life around her..her books could not be catergorized by genre coz she tend to mix up everything and while she composed and write she keep on changing her radio channel from her favourite Jimi Hendrix to James Blunt..and from ABBA..'honey honey..' to Yesterday Once More..or sometimes she drowned herself in Ganges River with her Taal song

2009 started off quite well and her first page were written very briefly as introduction..

Happy New Year everybody..hope all of you enjoy this journey

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