Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Panic Button

There are many things that await us in 2009, big events and BIG Exam..and I'm still at this stage of not getting everything inside my head, I read and read again the Clauses, Acts etc..and still did not fully remember and understand or digest them. Too many terms and sections and pages to flipped everyday, I need a panic button now..! or a magic wand..five months to go..8 items to digest..

I've laid a plan for this purpose but it seems like I need more than just a study plan, I need people to discuss with me pertaining contractual issue that I've left behind since I joined this new place..I think my mind and my brain is just like a besi tumpul now..or worst like besi karat..

Anyway..2009 started off quite well....lets see :

-We've cleaned up the rooms and chuck out everything that we don't need anymore

-Bought a new contemporary wardrobe for the kids

-I cut my hair..actually I did it myself, got a scissor and a mirror..and in few minutes it was all done..! It's lighter now and I don't have to worry about wet hair in the morning anymore

-I managed to finished sewing my son's pillow and bolster cover..they are handmade :-)

-And I just finished reading one Act..and it is nothing to proud off, but at least I've start with something..okay need to complete one more painting for a friend

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