Thursday, September 20, 2007


Al-Fatihah to adik Nurin Jazlin Jazimin.....we love you


demonsinme said...

Melady Sue:


And I prayed and wish taht animal who did those horrendous things to Jazlin be cought soon.

And pray to God that this animal would never cross my path for of he ever did, I will, god forbids, do unto him things that only the devil could thought of.

demonsinme said...

Dedicated to Little Nurin
from a father of none

On this day that I saw your dried tears,
I pledge my vows and lifted my spears,
and let loose a war cry so all could hear,
I paint my eyes black and pay homage to the devil’s lair,
and wage my soul to barter this unjust despair,
I ask him unto me he would give the hideous of stare,
so that I find this son of an unholy night mare,
and hunt him down with out any care,
once he lays under my anger snare,
I will gnaw his heart bare,
while life still dangles in sinful hair,
and I will drink his blood in cups of pair,
then I will pluck each and every one of his beastly hair,
and make a lace out of that bastard stare,
so all bestial man be aware,
this world shall never be his damned soul's lair.