Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Vertical Limit

This photo was taken during site inspection, I just love this view, it should be symmetrical but I didn't composed it well.. but here it is after been edited and touch up..the orange glow reminds me of CSI Miami..notice they always have these orange background..?
One picture could be intepreted or perceived as many other things..sometimes it does look like a path..to where..? depends on one's imagination

A view towards passageway of an apartment, in this photo I've tried to captured the horizontal lines that define the whole picture as well as the vertical dashed line that derived from the column at this middle passageway. The shade and tone create a drama..and the sharp angle gives a strong impact...
The way we look at things are differ base on our experience, knowledge and environment...but the most beautiful thing in this world could only be created by Him


demonsinme said...

Melady Sue:

Those are beautiful pictures.

I like the last one in particular as it seems to resemble a path that leads stright to the havens.

As I write and watch it, I feel an odd relieve in my laden chest.

Again, they are beautiful pictures, not just in its simplicity but in its complexity.

simah said...


long time no see dear... ur daughter dah besar dah kan?

salam ramadhan from we all kat sini.. take care... :0)

sue said...

thank you for your kind words..i have the same feeling..sometimes it's surreal..

u r back..!! where have u been, lamanya hilang

dia tengah lasak sekarang ni..
salam ramadhan to simah and family

Count Byron said...

An architect's mind at work.. lines, convergence, shade, texture, aesthetic values... lovely. I always dream of sketching and drawing the way an architect always do those sketches.. they remained just dreams. Now my son is doing them.
Have a nice week and a lovely Ramadhan Sue, and hugs and kisses to Sufiya from atok CB

Queen Of The House said...

Love the composition and the colours/lighting!

sue said...

it's never to late for you to start sketching...sketch la something for Countess..
You are the architect in writing with entry that full with its own texture and aesthetic..

u too, have a nice day..
atok CB...?,..Sufiya have many atok now with different title (She have her Dada, Tok Ayah..and now Atok CB )

Thanx..been to Pak Non's blog :-)

oldtown~Smell the Roses said...

Salam Ramadhan...Sufiya dah besar & mesti makin nakal nih!

sue said...

Salam Ramadhan to you too..she loves to crawl under the table now :-)