Tuesday, September 04, 2007


I wish him suffer ...the worst that one could imagine...don't let him die fast...let him feel the pain slowly..

She was thrown onto the floor and slap last Sunday...this is the first time he did this but this is not the first fight,....for 13 years she have been living in hell...with this bloody husband who can't resist the temptation of seeing other women..be it somebody's wife or a young fresh woman....

She went for check up at GH, and all that they did was making a report without checking her thoroughly..of coz the bruises wont appear within 24 hours...she's confused now, even the pejabat agama didn't gave much help...'balik bincang'..that is what they always advice.

I asked her to take a photo of her body, which area that shows the evidence, go to private clinic for full check up...and asked for fasakh...maybe I'm not the best to person who should consult her, but we have known each other since standard four, that was in 1984....all of her sad and bitter stories are in my head, all the secret, all those dark corners in her life were shared with me...this is so sad...after having two kids and long journey...at the end this is what happen, a man like him should suffer before he die...!!!!!!!

She said the moment she went to the pejabat agama, she went blank..confused..uncertain

Can any of you help her by giving any info...what to do, where to go..who to meet..


Yours Truly said...


I hope that would be a start. I had a friend who went thru the same kind of experience.. but at the end of the day all she said was she still loves him and they have a kid..bottom line-your friend needs to be sure what she wants

Good Luck

Yours Truly

sue said...

yours truly,
thank u..i think most women fear of the uncertain life after they make any decision...hopefully she will leave him, but her in laws keep persuading to stay togerther and wait until her husband get caught by those jabatan agama people..tangkap khalwat..and that will be...don't know when..he's kind of 'licik' guy..its tough