Thursday, May 22, 2008

Guilty Indulgences

'You are what you eat'..its so true..if we eat good and healthy food it show on our skin, our body, our eyes, our blood and even our urine....

For the last one week, I've indulged myself with Hershey's chocolate - Kisses, they are small and nice to look at, easy to pop inside your mouth..therefore its hard to stop once you start kissess one of them...I could simply pop in 15 of these in one day without worrying of the sugar level or whatever inside it..

Kosher Status OUDServing Size 9 pieces (41 g)
Amount Per Serving
%DV *
Total Calories 230
Calories from Fat 120
Total Fat 13 g
Saturated Fat 8 g
Cholesterol 10 mg
Sodium 35 mg
Total Carbohydrate 24 g
Dietary Fiber 1 g
Sugars 21 g

Protein 3 g

...they are soft and smooth, vanilla ice cream top with strawbery flavoured syrup and chunk of strawberries..who could resist this temptation..? I have been consuming this sundae for two days right before my ante-natal check is hot and humid in Putrajaya, and this sundae is the best treat after a long day at site...who could blame a pregnant woman if she wants to have it every single day...blame it on hormones ...and the weather... :-)

And to top it up, Iced Milo and tea has been my everyday diet...I normally go for plain water, but lately my tastebud has change..some said this could be an indication of baby's gender..I don't know how true it is..
I went for ante-natal check up on Tuesday, that morning alone I had three full cups of tea with roti canai and kuih and two different place..and as expected my result came out with 'flying colours' everywhere...urine test -green -failed...if it happen again next two weeks I have to do the no more ice cream and chocolate..
I hate to control my diet since all my life I never have to watch or go on strict diet...just eat what I want and still under weight...but for the sake of my baby and my own health, I have to be more discipline especially this is the last month of pregnancy..anything could happen..
p/s I think that this entry is a contrast of my last entry..looks hypocrite.. :-(


U.Lee said...

Hello Sue, wow! You expecting a baby? Congratulations.
This one some old nenek story, but if want baby to grow up have very smooth skin, drink lots of soya bean water and eat tau fu.
I don't know betul ke tidak as I never gave birth, arhaa ha ha.
You stay easy...and yes, now ada baby coming, watch that sambal belachan and ikan masak lemak, best regards, Lee.

sue said...

Thanx Uncle second precious is coming soon..26th june

i do follow those tips..its true, but can't drink too much, coz the baby's skin will be too sensetive..

i stay away from belacan lately.:-)

U.Lee said...

Hi Sue, you hoping for a boy or girl? But I guess you already know, huh?
Nama for the baby ready I guess...
You take it easy Sue, and relax, jagan carry anything! June 26th, huh?
So, you off work now?
In Canada, you get 1 year off, plus a nurse will visit you once a week or twice teach, guide, help you with the baby for few months.
Also, here, pending you and husband's salary, you can get up to Cdn $200 per baby below age 12 (I think) About Ringgit 650.00 a baby a month. And all medical, child delivery etc semua FOC.
Schooling is free too, all books free till high school.
Anyway, ada senang pop over, have a surprise for you. Keep well, Sue, best regards, Lee.

sue said...

i don't mind, as long as i have a healthy baby and smooth labour..i did not search for new names, last year list still in the diary..

still working, still going to site and climb the staircase while the workers lay the tiles... :-)

Malaysia is way too such allowance, or extra leave..Malaysia Boleh mar..!!