Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Basic Instinct

Hubby is still in Penang and will only be back on Thursday and I hope that he does not forget to get some jeruk pelam and buah pala from Chowrasta...and if possible I would ask for cucur udang Gurney Drive..but the most important he come back to us in safe condition compared to the day he left for Penang with small cut and bruises on his right hand.

He came back last Saturday and asked about minyak gamat which has been missing since we moved here, I sensed something was wrong and he calmly explained that he fell and slipped at UTM's corridor and fell on his back...!!

My mind kept on spinning and I remembered few hours earlier I had an instinct..a bad one about him, I was in the bathroom with Sufiya and the floor was slippery and the first thing that across my mind was..'what if my hubby slipped in the bathroom...?what will I do..?'...I did not pray for worst case but just imagining the scenario...and during Asar I prayed for his safety..

Alhamdulillah it was not that bad but it sure does made me worry of what we wish for, what we think of and what we imagine...scary...

I believe that sometimes we could rely on our instinct, like the last few weeks, few days before the exam precisely, I had a hunch that I should revised on Act instead of Building Contract..and as expected I was asked 90% on Act...fuhhh...nasib baik

People said that when we have strong bonding not just like UHU glue but concrete and cement, we could feel and understand what the other person feel and sometimes there will be clue about their health and condition...it was not a clear sign but somehow we knew it...isn't life is beautiful...??

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