Thursday, June 25, 2009


Have you ever inspired by just looking at people? Or just by their thoughts or ideas, by their expression and emotion? Sometimes meeting a complete stranger could change your whole life. The impact of their charisma, the magic of their charm and the power of words that they presents make you wants to sit down and have a good cup of tea alone and think of what you just saw and try to digest them and at the end of the day, you wish that you too could be like them...not just inspired by them but could also inspired other people.


Uncle Lee said...

Hello Sue, old days I used to meet people from all walks of life everyday due my kind of work.
And learned, experienced all kinds of lessons and of human nature.
Some made an impact on me too...being inspired and motivated.
You keep well Sue and best regards, Lee.

sue said...

Hi Uncle Lee,
people came and go and with that they do gives some have a great week ahead