Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Berani tapi takut

Back in the 80's Fun Fair and Pesta was highlight of the year, that was the time to enjoy the ride of Merry go round and kecut perut from the top of hanging cage with jagung rebus dalam tangan....rumah hantu was a must-visit to test our level of ketahanan mental and buang suara menjerit like hell upon seeing white entity with pale face by the staircase...

But my little girl experience it in a different environment..no ticket, no need to wait for bas bandaran and no need to wait for December to come..

This girl berani tapi takut..

Nak naik..tapi...

Hadif with 'Kicap' pose..anybody who watch Tom Tom Bak will know this character..but poor hubby thought that I perli my own son..isshh issh..tak kan la pulak..

Hadif..selamba je tengok his sister crying out loud..


Uncle Lee said...

Hello Sue, love this posting. Its funny, when we came to Canada, I thought I will not be seeing Bahasa or have Malay friends, but now have many, ha ha.
And its Blogs like yours that I enjoy, especially when seeing words I have forgotten, you using, "kechut perut".
Wow, long time did not hear or read that word.
Recently another blogger mentioned, "alamak Lee, saya gigit jari la"!
Ha ha, always love these expressions.
Your kid looks frightened..

By the way, your beautiful Blog header photo...is it Kedah?
Best regards, Lee.

sue said...

Hi Uncle lee,
glad u like it..this is what we call 'jauh tapi dekat'

my daughter seems like a tough kid but sometimes she is just like any other little girl with soft spot.

I took the picture of Gunung Jerai on the way back to Alor Star after 'kecut badan' splashing at a waterfall..

Anonymous said...

mobb tulis;

waaaa ... hadif dan sufiya dah besyaaaaa ! selamat hari lahir Hadif ... sama dengan nama anak Hanil :-)

sue said...

anak kau si sufiya pun mesti dah besarkan dan comel mcm Didi kan :-)

:-) aku dah lama berkenan nama Hadif, bagi dekat2 dengan nama abah dia