Monday, April 28, 2008

Shopping Spree

Sunday was a Shopping day at Sogo and that means more $ were spent this month...There was a big Sale with discount from 20% - 70%..Our adventure started at Sufiya's department, it was raya shopping since it will be too late if we wait after my confinement, due date will be on the 26th June (maybe.. :-), so minus 60 days, that means I'll have September to start hunting for her cloth, that will be a crucial time especially with newborn and active little girl and other unexpected things...

En Haffis got what he've been planning to buy..Bonia shirt and long sleeve for office wear, Sufiya has been his abah's good companion, won't let her abah go anywhere..she followed even in the changing room.

What do I got for myself...? Lets see...I've spotted a nice and chic Bonia bag with 40% BIG Tag on it..but when I took a closer look, the price is actually RM500 plus..fuhhh..for a medium size bag with lovely decoration and colour..skip..!!!

At Sembonia's, my eyes stuck at this one pointy high heel, dark brown, nicely design, very sleek..and at good bargain...but maybe not now...wait until August when my body are fully recovered...So what do I get...? Nothing at last...tukang pegang baju, komen2 sikit..that's it..

And Sufiya was at her very active level yesterday..and been very cheerful and friendly to everybody.

My mission is still not accomplished..have a long list for yesterday:

Gulattis - KIV

Euro Moda - KIV

Jln Tar -KIV

So, En Haffis : please take note...I need to get these things done before I masuk dock...

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