Thursday, April 17, 2008


Colours would brighten our life, jewellery will brighten womens smile..and colourful bangles is a perfect and easiest way to accessorize our appearance..

When we went to India, there are thousand of bangles to choosed from, be it plain and simple bangles to the most glamourous one. Bangles are essential in Indian culture (they called it Kangan in Hindi) and one will not look complete without them, and they don't wear it like we do...instead they wear a whole set..and they always have variety design to match their saree. In one house in Calcutta, we saw an interesting collection of bangles in one of the girls room..bright and sunny..I didn't know much about bangles except from the movie, where the male sometimes pull the girls hand so hard and broke all the glass bangles..there will be blood every where..a dramatic scene.. :-) , I was told to go for a glass bangles coz it makes a lot of sound which to them are attractive..maybe it is the culture...

Before Sufiya's akikah we managed to get her two sets of bangles in KL, purple with all those glitter and a simple set of black bangle..she loves it so much especially the purple set with small bell...(its in the blood...:-) But now after almost four months she can't wear both...too small for her hand..

So I'll be hunting for a new set of bangles for my little one and for a friend's little princess in far away land, as a small gift when we have a chance to meet one day...


Count Byron said...

Bangles, bangles, and more bangles.. wow.. i love them all. And still remember your chronicle about your hantaran ... testing my memory again..
Yes Sue, bangles do bring up the cheer.. and the bangles i know sings too.. 'close your eyes.. give me your hand.. do you feel my heart....' yes, that's the one
Nice to be back

sue said...

Count..sometimes even a small thing will bring back the memory..

I love that song too..