Friday, April 11, 2008


I don't really know what happen, maybe becoz of the hormone, or maybe due to other unexplainable I have so much time customizing and updating this blog layout..and I keep on changing the colour..The truth is I've been planning to change our feature wall which is currently painted in red..its been four years staring at that bold and striking's time for a change..until now we haven't have any conclusion of the choice and when to start this small project.

Base on research done by psychologist, people with dark skin tone are tend to go for bright colour..that's explained why the African loves red,green and yellow..remember the reggae stuff, Bob Marley..? and yess..Indians as well loves to indulged in rich and bright colours, just watch their movie and you'll see more than hundreds colours...when we were in India, I felt normal wearing bright orange blouse because everybody are wearing the same hue or even daring..but back here it's kind different..anyway I've spotted one red Sembonia pointed shoe at the Pavillion..but sadly no size la pulak...(that will be my gift after confinement..), I'll reward myself ...Hint!Hint! ye En Haffis...jgn buat2 tak faham .... ;-)

p/s : this new blog header got nothing to do with Angkasawan..or Dr SMS blog on my hometown --->

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