Monday, April 21, 2008

Penyair Laut..JM Aziz & Sudirman

'Anak muda berlagu sayang Di Batu Remis melepas rinduAdik ketawa di Rantau Abang

Penyu menangis siapalah tahu
Penyu menangis siapalah tahu'....

There was a segment on Sudirman's life on Majalah 3 last Sunday...a true patriotic singer with huge talent and great voice, his songs are about our life, love and country..he was an entertainer and far from any so called 'celebrities' that are featured in our media today...most of his songs are so dear to our heart..'Apa khabar orang kampung, sudah lama tak berjumpa, kirim-kirim lah berita...', or 'sebak dadanya sebak, tak tahu, adik tak tahu..' Wathing that segment made us realised that we lost a star..not just a one hit wonder kinda star or any reality star...but a bright and shinning star that put Malaysia on a different level...When I heard his voice, JM Aziz's Penyu Menangis will cross my could we forget the song...

In this book - Intipati dan Falsafah : Penyair Laut JM Aziz by Abdul Mubin Ismail ; we will be introduced to his early life in Seberang Takir , about how his suffering and struggle as teenager, fisherman and his life as lepers patient (kusta), and his early involvement in Syair writing.

This 212 thick pages are worth for people who wants to know more about this poet, and his way of writing, technic,and vision in writing, of how he used his inability and sensitivity to great use..JM Aziz might be physically live in darkness...but he sees beyond our ability. The ocean is his life, sampan and nelayan are in his heart.

There are also list of his published work from the 50's until 90's and also unpublished work, JM Aziz's works are like a documentation of Terengganu's history, there are many interesting places that he repeatedly significantly used. His work is also a dictionary of Terengganu dialek......

'pitis di bawah pitis

diburu cinta

pitis di bawah pitis

selalu berduka'......

(daripada Pengantin Laut :38)

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